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Circa Sports Million 2020-Week 16 (leaderboard Tuesday, lines Thursday, consensus picks Saturday)

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  • Archie8
    Circa Prizes
    1st: $1,000,000.00
    2nd: $200,000.00 2 winners
    4th: $75,000.00
    5th: $33,333.35 3 winners
    8th: $17,000.00 2 winners
    10th: $13,000.00 3 winners
    13th: $10,535.75 7 winners
    20th: $9,125.00 4 winners
    24th $7,875.00 6 winners
    30th: $6,500.00 4 winners
    35th: $4,250.00 12 winners
    48th: $482.15 14 winners

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  • DaveTuley

    Dave Tuley @ViewFromVegas
    #CircaSportsMillion Top 5 Most-Selected teams went 3-2 in #NFL Week 16 w/ wins by Steelers +1.5 vs. Colts, Packers -3 vs. Titans, & Bills -7 at Patriots while losses were on Rams +1 & Cardinals -5 (Top 5 is 43-36-1 on season, 54.4%)

    #CircaSportsMillion leader heading into #NFL Week 17 is ODBMG-2 after BUF -7 got him to 3-1-1 in Week 16 & to 53.5 points, half a point ahead of DSR90-1, who also went 3-1-1; as Tweeted earlier, 35 entries are alive in #CircaSurvivor @CircaSports @VSiNLive

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  • DaveTuley

    Dave Tuley @ViewFromVegas
    #CircaSurvivor is down to 35 live entries heading into #NFL Week 17 as 17 were eliminated Sunday w/ 12 on Browns vs. Jets & 5 on Texans vs. Bengals; 8 had to sweat out Chiefs' rally vs. Falcons; 1 was eliminated Saturday w/ Cardinals @CircaSports @VSiNLive
    Circa Sports @CircaSports
    #CircaSurvivor ๐Ÿˆ๐Ÿ† Week 16 Selection Counts ๐Ÿ“„ Complete selections PDF:

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  • DaveTuley

    Dave Tuley @ViewFromVegas
    #CircaSurvior is down to 52 with loss by Cardinals; a week-high 12 are on the Browns, which continue to lose players to positive COVID tests; 11 on Bears & 8 on Chiefs; 10 are already on to Week 17 with earlier wins by Saints & Bucs

    #CIrcaSportsMillion Top 5 Most-Selected teams for #NFL Week 16 are Rams +1 at Seahawks, Steelers +1.5 vs. Colts, Cardinals -5 (LOSS) vs. 49ers; Packers -3 vs. Titans & Bills -7 at Patriots (38-33 on season after loss by Cardinals)

    #CircaSportsMillion leadersโ€™ picks:
    ALBO-1 50.5 points...MIA CIN IND WAS TEN
    DSR90-1 49.5...NO (W) TB (W) DEN CIN LAR
    DV8-1 49.5...AZ (L) MIA CIN SEA GB
    PRESENCE-2 49.5...NYJ+9.5 CIN+7.5 IND-1.5 NYG+11 SEA-1

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  • Circa Sports Million 2020-Week 16 (leaderboard Tuesday, lines Thursday, consensus picks Saturday)

    Circa Sports Million II, which a $1,000 entry fee, drew an unbelievable 3,148 entries, outdrawing the 1,172 in the SuperContest and is the second-most entries ever for a high-end Vegas football handicapping contest behind last year's 3,328 in the SuperContest. All this came in spite of the COVID-19 pandemic that kept a lot of people from coming to Vegas to sign up in person especially as casinos were closed from March 18 through June 3. Here's my story at on how Circa Sports accomplished the feat:

    The inaugural Circa Survivor (also $1,000, and players make one straight-up pick a week and can't use the same team twice) drew 1,390 entries and the winner-take-all prize will be $1.39 million.

    #CircaSportsMillion Top 5 Most-Selected finished 2-2-1 in #NFL Week 15 (40-34-1 on season) w/ wins on CLE -4.5 & MIA -1.5, losses on SEA -5.5 (Seahawks won 20-15) & TB -5.5 (Bucs won 31-27); push on No. 1 choice of KC -3 in 32-29 win

    #CircaSportsMillion has new leader as ALBO-1 went 3-1-1 in #NFL Week 15 to improve to 50-24-1 (67.6%) & take 0.5-point lead over former leader ODBMG2 after Sunday's games- - & then held onto lead when ODBMG2 lost with PIT -13 on #MNF

    #CircaSurvivor is down to 53 live entrants after #NFL Week 15 as 12 more were eliminated on the Steelers on #MNF (after 16 were eliminated with Rams' shocking 23-20 loss to the previously winless Jets on Sunday & 1 lost with 49ers)

    Here is the Top 10 plus ties in the Circa Sports Million:

    1 ALBO-1 50.5
    2 ODBMG-2 50.0
    3T DSR90-1 49.5
    3T DV8-1 49.5
    3T PRESENCE-2 49.5
    6 MINURA11-1 49.0
    7T NO Points for Second-1 48.5
    7T HORNET.-2 48.5
    7T TKOB-2 48.5
    7T Timothy BIllow-1 48.5