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    Sitting in about 220th place,I was wondering if anyone [ especially dave ] had any opinion of how many wins it would take take to win contest and to cash [ 100th place,excuse to go back to vegas!!! ]

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    About 51 points to cash a small payout should do it. If in 220th place, forget about winning the contest, which would require more than 60 points.
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      never had delusions of winning!!!


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        I am happy where I currently stand . One point out of a cash prize. Third year in contest . But long way to go before week 17. If I did finish winning a cash prize, does the Westgate take taxes out or is this something that you would deal with the IRS and your state?


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          You would have to deal with the tax situation on your own. The Westgate does not withhold taxes, as far as I know.

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        Right now, there are 45 entrants tied for 96th place. If the contest ended that way, the accumulated prize money for 96th - 100th place would be split and each entrant tying for 96-140th place would get approximately $287.31.

        Last year with a slightly smaller # of total entrants, the best final place for someone below 200th place (253rd place) in Week 8 was a 7 way tie for 8th, so there's hope for you. Last year the eventual winner was in 3rd place in Week 8, your chances of winning outright are slim.

        I'm projecting you will need around 52 points to be in the money, however it may not cover your entry fee as the case above demonstrates.


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 are still in the hunt, and just finishing "in the money" in this contest is a remarkable achievement. IMHO the payouts are a little top-heavy...I agree 1st should be over a million but I think they should spread a couple hundred thousand more dollars near the payout cutoff so that anyone who "wins" can at least cover their entry fees. Seems unfair that a person can make the payouts in a field of over 3,000 players, yet still have a net loss of $1,000 or more.

          Speaking of players...due to his spectacular results over the past 7 years (56.4%), I included Wisky in my group of SuperCappers. Yet he is riding into week 9 with a total of 14 points. He is only beating 40 players in the entire field, and several of those have already threw in the towel and ceased making picks. I am not sure if I need to fade his picks, or if regression to the mean is going to kick in and he has a terrific 2nd half. I wonder if his pride, and the $15,000 mini-contests, will motivate him to stay engaged.