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Circa Sports Million/Survivor 2022-Week 16 (lines Thursday, consensus/leader picks Saturday)

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  • Circa Sports Million/Survivor 2022-Week 16 (lines Thursday, consensus/leader picks Saturday)

    This is the VFV Forums thread where we post the Circa Sports Million weekly lines and consensus/leader plays through the season. These threads have been very popular over the years and are what brought a lot of people to VFV for the first time (especially back when the then-Hilton was reluctant to even post the SuperContest lines and everyone's picks on their own website because they wanted everyone to come into the property). Oh, how times have changed LMEAO!

    Here is the story on Circa's record-setting entries in both Circa Sports Million and Circa Survivor: In summary, Circa Sports Million IV drew 4,691 entries at $1,000 apiece, breaking its own record for a traditional NFL ATS contest (5 games a week vs. a contest spread) that it set last year with 4,087. Circa owner Derek Stevens guaranteed a $6 million prize pool, so there's an overlay of $1.309 million with first place -- which was won by VFV Forum member Durbify -- guaranteed at $1 million. The big news was Circa Survivor drawing 6,133, a record for any Vegas football handicapping contest, exceeded its $6 million guarantee.

    With Packers winning on #MNF, #CircaSurvivor has 14 live entries heading to NFL Week 16/"Christmas Week" gauntlet as contestants must pick 1 winner on Thursday/Saturday & another on Sunday/Monday; equity in each entry is $438,071.43​. NFL Week 15 started with 30 live entries and the only losers were the week-high 16 that used the Commanders vs. the Giants on Sunday Night Football.

    #CircaSportsMillion Top 5 Most-Selected Teams went 2-3 in NFL Week 15 -- 38-33-4 ATS (53.5%) on season -- with wins on Bengals -3.5 (No. 1 picks improved to 11-4, 73.3%) & Lions PK; losses on Bills -7, Vikings -3.5 & Panthers -2.5​

    #CircaSportsMillion has a new leader as KING-BRUTUS-1 went 4-1 in NFL Week 15 to improve to 52-20-3 (72.2%) & move 1.5 points ahead of Enut34-1, Look Ma No Hands-1 & SEAN 1923-2 in 2nd​​

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    Here are the Week 16 lines for Circa Sports Million:


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        Here's my story from Friday night with the number of teams selected as the field was reduced to 13 as THE ENEMY WITHIN -- the only contestants with 2 entries entering Week 16a -- lost one of them on the Jets:

        After Saturday's early games (not including Titans-Texans as that game started an hour late): #CircaSurvivor is down to 7 live entries in $6.133 million pool w/ losses by Lions (5) and Browns (1)...only 1 has survived so far with Vikings...possibility of ending today as 3 sweating Titans & 3 tonight on Steelers​

        With #CircaSurvivor eliminations in the Lions' loss, @CircaSports owner @DerekJStevens won't have to pay $1 million bonus as no one will go 20-0 without using Rams or Bengals (last 2 eligible entries used Lions)​

        After Titans-Texans game ended:
        And then there were 4 ... #CircaSurvivor lost 3 more on Titans, so only 4 alive w/ Maddog-2 in the clubhouse w/ Vikings' win; 3 need Steelers to win (tie loses) on #SaturdayNightFootball​


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            Here's my "Circa contest update" story from Saturday night: with 4 Circa Survivor entries advancing to Week 16b.


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              Circa Survivor still has 3 live entries as THE ENEMY WITHIN-2 won with the Chargers on Monday Night Football to join BROWNA-1 and JED-4 in advancing to next week. Maddog-2 was only player eliminated (Dolphins) in NFL Week 16b/"Christmas Week" after being 46 seconds from winning it all on Saturday night. JED-4 started with the maximum 6 entries. THE ENEMY WITHIN-2 started with just 2 (and both were alive before last Thursday’s last on the Jets). BROWNA-1 is alive with their lone entry.

              Enut34-1 took the Circa Sports Million lead by going 4-1 in NFL Week 16 to improve to 55-23-2 (70.5%) and bypass KING BRUTUS-1, who went 2-3, with 2 weeks (10 picks) to go. $1 million goes to the champion and $500,000 for 2nd place while they pay the Top 100.

              Circa Sports Million Top 5 Most-Selected Teams went 2-3 in NFL Week 16, dropping to 40-36-4 (52.6%) on season. Wins were on the Bengals -3 and Steelers -2.5. Losses were on Eagles +5.5 (No. 1 picks dropped to 11-5, 68.8%), Lions -2.5 and Browns -2.5.