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Making the BCS Playoffs

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  • Making the BCS Playoffs

    Teams that just need to continue winning to make the playoffs are Ohio State, LSU and Alabama. Teams that need to keep winning and might need ''style points'' to make the playoffs are Clemson and Oklahoma. To get those helpful ''style points'' they must blow out their opponents. This is probably necessary because Clemson and Oklahoma play in weaker conferences than the Big 10 and the SEC. Therefore, look for Clemson and Oklahoma to continue to run up the scores in games that they, for all intents and purposes, have already won. Clemson has a pathetic 1-point win over a so-so North Carolina and its toughest opponent left is instate rival South Carolina to close out its regular season. The ACC Championship Game will be an easy win for Clemson as there is no strong team in the Coastal Division. Oklahoma has already played the weaker teams in the Big 12 and still has to play Iowa State (probably the toughest opponent left), Baylor, TCU and Oklahoma State after this week's opponent, Kansas State. The Sooners only beat Texas by 7 points, but probably should have won by 14 to 21 points. Oklahoma's opponent in their conference championship game will be tougher than Clemson's opponent in its championship game. It would take a major upset to oust Ohio State from the playoffs. I expect Ohio State to blow out Wisconsin by at least 3 touchdowns. The winner of the LSU / Alabama game will probably be the #2 seed in the playoffs, I expect to see Ohio State to be the #1 seed.
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    I do not expect Penn State, Notre Dame, Florida, Auburn, Georgia, Oregon, Utah, Wisconsin, nor Baylor to get in.


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      You might be interested in this...saw it at one shop...odds of making BCS 4

      Yes. No.
      Clemson. (300). 250
      Alabama. (250). 210
      Oklahoma. (170). 150
      Ohio St. (160). 140
      LSU. (150). 130
      Georgia. 290. (350)
      Penn St. 450. (600)
      Oregon. 500. (650)

      plenty of of other teams listed but everyone else the yes is at least 10-1.

      I played Ohio State at minus 160 and am thinking about playing Alabama at plus 210 given uncertainty of Tua situation.


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        It is interesting that you can get only a slightly better minus price to make the playoffs on LSU than you can get on Ohio State since LSU will probably lose at Alabama on November 9th. If Alabama beats LSU and Alabama will probably be favored at home by at least a touchdown, then LSU would have a very tough road to make the playoffs.

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      Oklahoma's loss to Kansas State could very well help the loser of the Alabama / LSU game make the playoffs. It also helps Oregon, if Oregon wins the remaining games on its schedule in addition to the PAC 10 championship game.
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