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TARB's week 11 college FB lines

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  • TARB's week 11 college FB lines

    101 Kent State
    102 Toledo 5

    103 Ball State
    104 Western Michigan 7.5

    105 Miami OH
    106 Ohio 10.5

    109 UL Lafayette 13
    110 Coastal Carolina

    111 Temple 3
    112 South Florida

    113 Central Florida 13.5
    114 Tulsa

    115 Washington 9
    116 Oregon State

    117 Clemson 31
    118 NC State

    119 Florida State
    120 Boston College 3

    121 Georgia Tech
    122 Virginia 19

    123 Texas Tech
    124 West Virginia 2.5

    125 Louisville
    126 Miami Fla 10.5

    127 Notre Dame 7.5
    128 Duke

    129 Maryland
    130 Ohio State 47

    131 UMass
    132 Army 42

    133 UConn
    134 Cincinnati 35

    135 Illinois
    136 Mich St 13.5

    137 Wake Forest 5
    138 Virginia Tech

    139 Appalachian State
    140 South Carolina 3.5

    141 Penn State 1.5
    142 Minnesota

    143 Vanderbilt
    144 Florida 28

    145 Purdue
    146 NWern ''p''

    147 Air Force 24
    148 New Mex

    149 Stanford 1.5
    150 Colorado

    151 UTSA
    152 Old Dom ''p''

    153 USC 1
    154 AZ St

    155 Wyoming
    156 Boise State 16

    157 Liberty
    158 BYU 22

    159 Charlotte 13
    160 UTEP

    161 Baylor
    162 TCU 3.5

    163 ECU
    164 SMU 22

    165 South Bama
    166 Texas State 6.5

    167 LSU
    168 Alabama 8.5 ..... expecting injured (diminished) QB Tua to play

    169 New Mex St
    170 Mississippi 37

    171 WKU
    172 Arkansas 3.5

    173 Iowa State
    174 Oklahoma 14

    175 UAB
    176 So Ms 8

    177 GA So 3
    178 Troy

    179 Tennessee ''p''
    180 Kentucky

    181 Missouri
    182 Georgia 17

    183 Kan St
    184 Texas 8

    185 No Texas
    186 LA Tech 8

    187 GA State 6.5
    188 UL Monroe

    189 FIU
    190 FAU 15

    191 Utah State
    192 Fresno State 10

    193 Iowa
    194 Wisc 10

    195 Wash St 10.5
    196 California

    197 Nevada
    198 SD State 19

    199 SJ State
    200 Hawaii 5
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    My lines are now posted.


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      In a rush today...that Ga Southern line was moving fast at the open. I took it -1.5 and Penn St -6.5 (don't think I ever took such a high line ever before). Last week, I'll take the 1-1 split over a 0-2. Utah won for me, but I lost on Mid-Tenn.


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        I took the opening +7 on Minnesota.


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          Originally posted by ThisDogHunts View Post
          In a rush today...that Ga Southern line was moving fast at the open. I took it -1.5 and Penn St -6.5 (don't think I ever took such a high line ever before). Last week, I'll take the 1-1 split over a 0-2. Utah won for me, but I lost on Mid-Tenn.

          TDH, you have an excellent bet on Georgia Southern -1.5 points. I think that the closing line will probably be -3 points. Good luck.


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            Nothing is absolute in college football, but my reasons for taking Penn St are based upon my own adjustments considering their respective conference opposition. Both are 5-0 in conference play, yet Penn St beat Mich, Mich St, and Iowa among others. If I use a generic average ranking, most would say their level of opposition is around a ranking of 47.8. Minnesota beat Neb, Illinois, Rutgers, besides each's common opponents of Maryland and Purdue--basically nobodies. Their opposition would rank around 85.8. Therefore, when I try to adjust their scoring potential in this matchup, I think Penn St can come out on top probably in excess of 10 pts. That is my take, right or wrong, but I always respect the opinion of others.


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              I revised my line on the game from Penn State -1.5 to Penn State -3.5. My power rating on Penn State is probably lower than what others have. I like the stable of running backs on Minnesota and expect a relatively low scoring game. I am hoping to get under 48.5 points as a bet. I am looking at a final score something like Penn State 24 - Minnesota 20. Minnesota is very capable of upsetting an overrated Nittany Lions team.
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            My bet on Minnesota +7 ia a 2-unit best bet. Taking 6.5 points would be only a 1-unit bet, in my opinion.


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              I like Penn St this weekend. Although I haven't placed the bet yet. I am holding out in hopes some money comes in on Minn so I can get PSU -6.

              I took UAB +7 when the line came out, its now down to +4.5...


              • TARB
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                I'm quite sure that Penn State will go off at -5.5 or -6 points, but I think that you will probably lose your bet. Minnesota is my best bet this week.

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              I don't if this will effect this weeks game prep. Our local paper here in NE PA is reporting that the rumors have already started that Coach Franklin is being courted
              by both Florida St. and USC. The FSU byout would cost about a million while USCs would be much more. PSU has recently lost a coach to the pro s who said
              he would never leave. (Houston Texans). So who knows what will happen is anybodys guess.
              What if they gave an impeachment and nobody cared?


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                Tarb, couldn’t agree with you more on the Baylor/ TCU game. Baylor is a paper tiger and they go down today.


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                  Let me be the first to say I’m getting killed in college foots. After losing Penn St and Ga Southern and giving up 4.4 units, my NCAAF record is now 1-5 (-6.8u). After winning this sport 5 years in a row, it does not look good for me. Overall, my overall units for 2019 football still stands at +24.7 but lots of slippage is now going on. This coming week, I am going back to betting dogs. Nothing right now, but I hope the adage “bet dogs late” holds true and I can find a game. I would like to know how TpKing is doing this year. Thanks.


                  • TARB
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                    I have no idea how TpKing is doing, but I guess that Mrvolo would know.

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                  TDH, send a private message to Mrvolo to find out how TpKing is doing. I, myself, am down about 9.36 units so far this season, a bad year all around.
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