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Results of Week 2 of FREE ViewFromVegas NFL & NCAA contests (Week 3 lines available)

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  • Results of Week 2 of FREE ViewFromVegas NFL & NCAA contests (Week 3 lines available)

    Hello...this is the weekly thread that we posting to give the weekly winners and update the leaderboards of our popular NFL & NCAA contests that we host at our dedicated contest site at

    This is for the results of Week 2...if you played, you know what I'm talking about; if you didn't play, you can still enter (register at link above by clicking LOG IN link using your same username/password from here, they're not automatically linked so you have to sign up separately) and play each week for the weekly prize, which is your choice of dinner with yours truly, DaveTuley, on your next Vegas trip or a shirt (note to self: order more shirts in all sizes!!!). Anyway, these contests mirrors the biggest handicapping contests in Vegas with the NFL contest mirroring the Westgate Las Vegas SuperContest and our NCAA Contest mirroring the College Pick'Em at William Hill. The lines and rules are the same as we started these contests so out-of-towners could play along. Besides the weekly prizes that they don't offer, we also extend the NCAA contest two more weeks than WH through Thanksgiving Weekend.

    As for the weekly prize in the NCAA contest, we didn't have any perfect 7-0 scores for the second straight week, so no weekly prize winner. However, zorba62 has been kicking ass by going 6-1 in each of the first two weeks of the contest to stand in sole possession of first place, so I'll still buy him lunch next time he's here in Vegas. Here's the Top 10 with ties with all on this list hitting at better than 70% so far:
    zorba62 12.0
    Strmchsr1 11.0
    AIDISAW 11.0
    Barryt 11.0
    NinerUteFan 11.0
    Joliesdad 10.0
    fish48 10.0
    gcotton 10.0
    GdsKey 10.0
    Honest lawyer 10.0
    Allworld23 10.0
    AmazingMom 10.0
    brandonvanhoesen 10.0
    phatman 10.0
    siff13 10.0
    zjabroni 10.0
    woodee12 10.0
    As for the NFL contest, we had only 2 players that went a perfect 5-0, so we go to the tiebreaker of whose 5 wins covered by the most points and our weekly winner is Zstatsman as his teams were +40 (with the Colts leading the way by covering by 18 points in a 21-9 win as 6-point underdogs at the Redskins) to edge out Santini at +38.5. Congrats to them both on a perfect week, but Zstatsman wins his choice of dinner with yours truly or a VFV shirt.

    Here's the leaderboard with the Top 10 plus ties as we have a seven-way tie for first place at 8-2:
    compass rose 8.0
    Harry Lime 8.0
    Jacko3538 8.0
    str8outtadurango 8.0
    tjsfinest 8.0
    tospeke 8.0
    wordy 8.0
    santini 7.5
    AronT1 7.5
    Asteroid M 7.0
    dmac 7.0
    dubgee2002 7.0
    fent dog 7.0
    mitchgoldich 7.0
    phatman 7.0
    uniqorn 7.0
    thebiscuitman 7.0
    Zstatsman 7.0
    Oh, and the line are available for Week 3 (they'll be available late each Wednesday afternoon just like the Vegas contests). GLA

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    Dave, how about a shout out to those of us that matched the Supercontest consensus picks? Its just as hard to go 0-5 as 5-0 you know. LOL


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      Mucho Gracias Dave if I'm ever in Vegas I'll definitely take you up on your offer. Thanks


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        Dave, I don't know why I never thought of this before, but is it possible for whoever sets up and grades this contest, to add an overall standings column for COMBINED records between both the NFL and NCAA contests? I know some people don't participate in both, but if a lurker was looking to follow someones plays that may have a good record in both, it may be beneficial. It's early enough in the season that it shouldn't be too hard to do it now I would think....but what do I know, I'm just a drunk Buckeye fan, lol.