I have been posting the plays I like since 2016. In 2016 they went

14W - 7L

, in 2017 they went

21W - 9L

and in 2018 they went

12W - 19L.

Six of my seven loses in 2018 were on teams I took on account of their defense. This probably being due to the new tackling with your helmet rule came into effect, the boys didn't know what to do with their helmets, what was okay in past years when tackling was now a penalty. It won't be long before the game is FLAG FOOTBALL. These guys get paid a ton of money each year and should expect hard hits, I don't condone helmet to helmet hits or horse collars. JUST LET THE BOYS PLAY.

Taking DAL - 3 vs MINN,the boys should romp.
9W - 9L 2Push