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WEEK 11 - NFL Survivor Pool Conversation

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  • WEEK 11 - NFL Survivor Pool Conversation


    I stated in the Week 10 thread on Adam's pools that I've never seen such a high percentage of people on two teams with almost 90% of the players on them. I thought INDY was open to an upset with Brissett out and maybe MIA had some swagger off their NYJ win. I nevvvvver saw the NO nuke going off. That was the upset of the year. Unfortunately a number of you were on one or both, and now a part of the peanut gallery watching the survivors now in the low single digits percentage wise move on. It feels like crap to get this far and hit the potholes of all potholes. Sorry brothers...You have many others that got the same gut-punch. The big favorites win much of the time, but when they get taken out, many go off the cliff with them.

    For the remaining players, it's gonna be trying to zag here and there as others zig, while still trying to be on good team. BALT was that kind of play last week, but Week 1 players probably had used them already.

    With pools down to 1-3% of remaining players, another big upset can get the survivors into the chop zone in an instant.

    Congratulations to Phatman15 and Shierby for moving on, and avoiding the explosion. Keep it up guys!!!!!


    I didn't see much football Sunday as I was watching the Seattle Sounders win the MLS Cup! I'm not tuned into any major injuries except for Stafford who was a super late scratch that must have pissed off a ton of bettors!

    DEN @ MINN...MINN went on the road and got a good win vs DAL as Cousins is playing some decent ball. DEN has a defense, but not sure they can score enough to be the Vikes in the Greenhouse. DEN off the BYE.

    CINN @ OAK...OAK sniffing at a division title if they can keep it going, and CINN just not getting any better. As we've seen, a team left for dead, can rise like a horror film character, or one of my ex-girlfriends to stab you in the gut!

    ARI @ SF...SF finally got beat by my Seachickens in one of the wildest games you'll EVER see!! Jimmy GQ had guys dropping a lot of passes, including three that SEA defenders dropped. He gets happy feet when pressured, and if ARI learned from their first meeting, they might give them a game as SF has still got many banged up players. Check the injury report. ARI would like nothing better to knock them off, but SF is gonna be super salty after losing a game they could have won.

    BUFF @ MIA...BUFF is a 6-point favorite and not a team that seems all that scary, and maybe MIA says screw the whole tanking thing and try for another win! I wouldn't go near it unless there are major injuries on the MIA side of the ball.

    ATL @ CAR...Can ATL pull of another upset? CAR will be a big test for them, and the ATL upset will have their attention. I'll take CAR at home, outside, and off the bye.

    I don't see much more out there worthing going on...BUT, anyone still alive in pool knows enough to pick another winner!!!

    GOOD LUCK!!!!!!
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    The small pool I am in all 9 lost so we come back again and I am on Oakland.2000$ payout.


    • Seahawk Rick
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      Good luck, and avoid another bomb!

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    Just weird to see such small numbers left and we're only half way through November. I've seen his big pool end once before the end of November, and it could happen again.

    MILLION DOLLAR POOL...Starting with about 10,700 entries, and now is down to 204. Wow.
    ADAM 1 ADAM 2
    Click image for larger version

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      I am the lone Dallas pick in Adam 1. Gotta zig when others zag!


      • Seahawk Rick
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        From here on, there will be a possibility that a pool could go down to one or two people in any given week. Being off the big favorite is one way to be one of the lucky survivors! Seachickens have a better record than DAL, so I can root for DAL! LOL! Good luck!!!!!!!

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      The Fantasy Survivor Liz Hurley Pick Of The Week Isssssssss...

      OAK - CINN sucks, but as we've seen, a sucky team can knock off a good team at any moment! I have been hitting around 70% on this damn thing all the seasons I've posted it, BUT, I seemed to have used all my magic beans up...Orrrrrr just going to have one hell of a fun to the finish! Lizzzzzzy would like that...I 'might' just have a chance with her if I do. A chance to see here through my telescope from the roof of a building that has just the right angle on her flat.

      Week 1: BALT (W)
      Week 2: CAR (L)
      Week 3: TB (L)

      Week 4: INDY (L)
      Week 5: NE (W)
      Week 6: DAL (L)
      Week 7: BUFF (W)
      Week 8: LAMBS (W)
      Week 9: PHILLY (W)
      Week 10: NO (L)
      Week 11: OAK

      Going with a throwback this week...Like I'd love to throw her over my back and run like hell! I know I can out run the police dogs...Or not.

      Click image for larger version

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        Definitely a top 5 pic, still alive in a 2nd chance pool, but always feel like I jinx myself when I put my pick in this thread. I always read, and love the pics, thanks bud.


        • Seahawk Rick
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          No worries....Do whattsa you gotta do, and win!!!!!

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        If you were on MINN, go buy a lotto ticket, and give some money to charity...What a comeback...DEN had their chance to snatch the lead back, but couldn't make it happen. You can breathe again.


        • Schierby
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          Man that was a bummer. Cards and Broncos both folded and raiders did just enough. I thought the field was going to thin out a bit but we all make it to week 12.

        • Seahawk Rick
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          Yeah, those games could have put many pools into single digit players left. I was rooting hard for ARI, as that win would have helped the Seachickens.

          You move on! Nice job!
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        Any thoughts this week,, we are down to seven now,, and I get zigging when others are zagging, but it appears Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Patriots, and Saints will be the majority of plays/picks this week,,if available. The hard part is smelling the upset. What do you think Seahawk Rick?


        • Seahawk Rick
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          Was working OT last couple of nights....i will get a thread up tonight at some point. you gotta find a way to pick a winner even if you have to go with a team others are on.forcing a zag isn't good unless you feel it like DAL last week.