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For those looking for tpking and his Legendary Math Model (LMM)...

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  • For those looking for tpking and his Legendary Math Model (LMM)...

    Longtime VFV Forum members certainly remember tpking and his Legendary Math Model. I don't normally endorse products or touts, but those same longtime members know I've been using the LMM to narrow down my college football plays for years with a lot of success (one disastrous 1-17 ATS bowl season, for full disclosure).

    Since tpking has taken the LMM away (mostly not wanting to deal with trolls and other negative posters, which are minimal here compared to other forums, but we get it), he's been charging for the LMM and a number of you have paid for his service, which is fine. It does cost $200 annually now as he and his son have expanded it to cover college basketball in March...for those who don't know, the LMM (nor tpking) actually make picks but just give out the scores that his algorithm generates and it's a tool to be used with your own handicapping.

    The LMM website states "The LMM is a self-learning, self-correcting algorithm and gets more reliable as the season progresses. As a rule, the scores through week four (4) can and should be ignored until the model normalizes." so it doesn't really kick in until next week, however, it's had a lot of success so far this season with a 6-1 mark two weeks ago with Garlic Milkshake plays for those that remember those...I guess you could check out their forums for more discussions on how it's been faring (I'm 10-4 while using it to help me narrow down my plays in the William Hill College Pick'Em contest as well as 5-4 ATS in VSiN's Point Spread Weekly).

    Here's the link if you are interested in signing up: Full disclosure, ViewFromVegas does receive a $50 kickback from any subscriptions through this link or the one on the home page, so you can think of it as a way to help pay for the revival of the VFV Forums if you wish LMEAO.


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    Since TP has stated the model didn't really kick in until last week I waited until this week to sign up. Can second Dave's recomendation.But the bowl games and college basketball are icing on the regular season cake


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      Dave pretty much explained the LMM.I had not bet college football for many years but started about 5 years ago following TP.The last 4 years I have shown a profit just playing his GM and all dogs that are a play.In last years VFV college contest I think I finished second or third using his games and filling in to make 7.What I like is I bet blindly and there is no second guessing.I have had 2 winning weeks and started off this week With Washington State +4 1/2 a winner last night.I have 4 plays today and can concentrate on horses.I am not on commission so this is unsolicited.


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        I also subscribe to the LMM. It is agnostic, non tout. which i like. The numbers speak for themselves. I tail it for college, remarkable how often i play early garlic milkshakes only to see the line move in my favor ......its especially good during bowl season. The pros lines are so tight already if it identifies a play i tail that. its has been deadly during NCAA Basketball. i would pay 200 just for that honestly, it crushed last 2 years. anyway, subscribe. if i had a wish i would love to see if they could do some kind of analysis with crunches the numbers, i think this could be another way to get more plays.


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          Has a rough weekend (1-6 in William Hill, though it was just bad luck that Washington State-USC was on Friday night and not in contest...certainly counts as winner in my wallet, but bummed I couldn't at least get second win). I really didn't like too many other games last weekend (and bore out in lack of agreement games with LMM, though usually can split other games but lost them all). Anyway, I'm still a believer and expect more success rest of the season and into the bowls (note: I think it was same exact weekend last year that I went 1-6, too, before rallying to finish just out of the money). GLA


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            Only play GM and they went 3-2 last week.The 2 I lost were in VFV contest and on my own I go 0-5 for a 0-7 contest week.Will keep you updated on their record.Just for the record DAVE and I agreed on 6 games and he beat me 1-0 on other choice.I too am a believer and a season is not built on a week.GL