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2019 NFL P.O.W. Week #13 (November 28- Dec 2) Post Plays Here

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    POW 6-6
    Bills +7 BetMGM
    Too much pressure on the Pokes here as the entire metroplex is down on their head coach. The Bills, on the other hand, are not as good as their record indicates, but are able to hang close with the Boyz.


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      POW 7-5

      Colts-2.5 MGMMirage

      Going back to the well one more time with Colts here. I like them a lot in this spot. They bring Tannehill and the Titans back down to earth here. Colts defense comes up big and Colts control the ball.


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        Guys, my sincere apologies for not posting the current standings. I did them yesterday on my work computer and forgot to email them to myself. I wont have access to my computer until Monday. I'm pretty sure everyone knows where they stand. We did gain another Playoff entry, as CASEINPOINT joined TARB. Again, my bad...

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          G, I believe I am at 10 points as well. Happy Thanksgiving.

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        NFL POW (5-7-0 ytd)

        Saints -6.5 MGM

        Three weeks ago, the New Orleans Saints lost by 17 points to the Atlanta Falcons at home. So why should anyone expect New Orleans to beat Atlanta by at least a touchdown on the road this week?The payback factor is huge for a Saints team that has the experience to learn from mistakes in season.
        The Falcons have lost four consecutive home games, with three of those losses coming by at least 13 points. The offense is extremely banged up, and top receiver Julio Jones might have to fight through a shoulder injury on short rest. The pass rush has been nonexistent much more often than it has been effective, and you can bet New Orleans head coach Sean Payton has made significant adjustments after they struggled in pass protection during the last meeting.
        Even without left tackle Terron Armstead, who's out with an ankle sprain, the Saints are the safer pick with just under one-score spread.



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          NFL POW (7-5 YTD)

          Jets -3 William Hill

          These Jets seem to have turned a corner, and what a better team to keep up the win streak than the hapless Bungles. So what if Andy Dalton plays? They have a terrible and banged up offensive line, and no defense. Jets will shut down the Bengals run game, and Jets win by 10.


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            NFL POW 4-8 4pts

            Bears/Lions U 37.5 CG Tech

            Lions 3rd string qb takes on bears d, no contest. Trubisky gets lots and lots of chances but right tackle out, WR Gabriel out and absolutely no fit tight ends. Bears win a low scoring snooze fest

            something like Bears 20 Lions 9


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              POW 6-6

              Tenn/ind ov43 circa

              I won with Tenn ov last week and going back to them this week. Tenn has exploded on offense since Tannehill took over at QB.Tenn has scored at least 3 off TDs in each of Tannehills 5 starts. Indy has scored
              23 points in 12/14 home games. this game should reach the 50's


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                Eagles -9.5 MGM,Wm. Hill

                Eagles start a stretch of very winnable games. And with Dallas getting their asses fed to them by the Bills yesterday the door is wide open. Hell the way dallas is shitting the bed
                the Eagles might not even have to beat them just win this next few games and they are in. Phila goes to Miami and shows no mercy to a team that has already won their games for the year. Feed Me! Feed Me!

                P.S. Does anyone on this site really need a glowing face? Stop The Spam!
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                  That’s a terrific P S comment
                  Still laughing

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                POW record 7-5-0
                my pick this week GB -6.5 William hill
                The pack stay on the road this week after getting throttled by the 49ers. The giants aren’t the 49ers. Giants have the worse defense in the league arguably and the packers will turn Danny turnovers into packers points. Packers take their frustrations out on the giants this week


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                  NFL POW (7-4-1)

                  New England - 3 (Westgate Superbook)

                  I am a Texans fan, but can't back them here. Pats have the defensive edge big time and will neutralize the offensive strength of Watson and Hopkins (See Dallas: Cooper, Elliott, Prescott, et al). The Pats will have enough offense to score on the Texans D, and the coaching mismatch is pretty obvious. Only hope for Texans is a lot of Patriot turnovers. I won't be holding my breath.
                  "Do what is right . . . and suffer the consequences" Sam Houston


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                    NFL POW (7-4-1)

                    Baltimore Ravens -5 (CGT)

                    Although I have great respect for what the Niners have done so far this year, I'm still taking the Ravens in this spot. They have seemed to struggle with mobile quarterbacks like Russell Wilson, and in both games where Kyler Murray and the Cards took them down to the wire. I think Jackson and the Ravens can exploit the aggression of the Niners defensive front for some big plays, and I think the Ravens may be able to get some pressure on Jimmy G., and rattle him into a mistake or two. Plus West Coast team travelling East for an early start is an added plus.


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                      Tampa Jacksonville under -48 Stations
                      Seems like two evenly matched teams don't see lots of "star" players
                      Able to cheer for mediocrity


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                        2019 NFL P O W 7-5-0 ytd


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                          P.O.W. 7 - 4

                          Seattle -3 Minnesota (MGM)

                          Last season when these tow met on Monday Night the Seahawks rolled to an easy 21-7 also I believe as a 3-point favorite. Vikes are not historically very good coming off a bye week, nor have they been very good in the dog role. I'll take Wilson at home in front of a rousing Seahawk fan base over Cousins any time..


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                            POW 6-6

                            Packers/Giants UNDER 45 (Golden Nugget)

                            Weather appears it will be nasty. Don't trust Giants to do anything on offense. Packers have struggled on the road anyway. Just looks like a nasty weather, low scoring affair. Taking under 45 before the total moves again.