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WEEK 13 - NFL Survivor Pool Conversation

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  • WEEK 13 - NFL Survivor Pool Conversation

    Sorry my award winning thread as voted by the coalition of people that don't know jack about football got up late, but just a busy time...

    Anybody in Adam's pools have already made their picks, but there are a few of you that have deadlines that are up until kickoff possibly, so we'll throw a few games out there to chew on.

    If you've made it this far, you probably have already done your home work, and don't need some Seachicken fan to muck up your handicapping!

    Just go with Compass Joe's MINN pick, because in his POW post,he thinks SEA SUCKS!!!! LOL!

    OK...Quick and dirty, just like Lizzzzy likes it...I've heard.


    WASH @ CAR...CAR is the team most people think is gonna be the safe haven this week looking at Adam's pools. CAR made a nice case almost taking down NO, with their kicker effing it up for them. WASH got a win, but not sure swagger theory will kick in here as if CAR is back on track, they'll be tough to beat at home.

    BUFF @ DAL...DAL showed some grit hanging with NE in a monsoon, plus trying to overcome phantom tripping penalties that might have cost them some points. BUFF is good, but not great, and I feel DAL seems to only beat average teams so far this season, and will overcome Jason Garrett's coaching to beat BUFF back in the dry, studio conditions of JerryWorld.

    OAK @ KC...Oh look, OAK on the road again...They are in the air more than most pilots fly this month! I'm guessing the JETS beatdown got their attention, and going to face the team they are trying to chase down for the division will keep their attention. Look for a better performance out of Chucky's boys, but KC will be ready to get back to the offense we've become accustomed to, and find a way to be the silver and black. Popular pick in pools behind CAR.

    PHILLY @ MIA...Wentz looked like hot diarrhea vs. SEA last week, and was minus some offensive weapons, but he threw picks and fumbled the ball on his own, so we'll see if a softer MIA team will get him out of his funk. They are still in the chase in the crap NFC East division race (Crawl) and will have found some answers to their issues this week.

    NO @ ATL...ATL slammed them a few weeks ago, so NO will not take the birds lightly. ATL gets a few offensive weapons back and should make a game of it unless losing to Jamis Winston has traumatized them beyond belief!

    SF @ BALT...How do you bet against BALT right now? I wouldn't. I want SF to lose to help my Seachickens, but if anyone has the defense to slow them down, it's SF's. They haven't seen a guy like Lamar though...He makes Little Russell for SEA look like he's running in snowshoes.

    GB @ NYG...The crap sandwich GB laid in SF will probably turn into tuna fish at NYG where Rodgers will find a much more porous D than SF bitch-slapped him with.

    Nothing else I'd even think of putting a pick on...CHI got a vote in Adam's pool, but I don't trust CHI vs anyone even though the D is playing well.

    IMHO, the 'Zag' teams would be PHILLY and GB if you have them left and don't want to run to the perceived safety of CAR.

    Check injuries and weather as always...GOOD LUCK!

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    ADAM 1 ADAM 2
    Click image for larger version

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      The Fantasy Survivor Liz Hurley Pick Of The Week Isssssssss...

      GB - Oh boy, Lizzzzy is not happy with me and my picks this year as I'm sucking about as badly as CINN this season. I don't think I'll get a Christmas present from her, unless you consider a restraining order a 'present!' She got me the same thing last year...

      Going GB here, and going against Compass for his blanent Seachicken diss with his POW pick! LOL! Reeeeeeeeeelaxxxxxxx...NYG isn't anything close to SF, so looking for Mr. Rodgers to get his team to bounce back for a win in New Jersey...

      Week 1: BALT (W)
      Week 2: CAR (L)
      Week 3: TB (L)

      Week 4: INDY (L)
      Week 5: NE (W)
      Week 6: DAL (L)
      Week 7: BUFF (W)
      Week 8: LAMBS (W)
      Week 9: PHILLY (W)
      Week 10: NO (L)
      Week 11: OAK (W)
      Week 12: ATL (L)
      Week 13: GB (W)

      The little lady was cooking up a storm this Thanksgiving, and served me up some cold shoulder and a glass of icy stare for dinner...Such a great meal! Mmmmmmmmmmmmm....

      Click image for larger version  Name:	lizt-day.JPG Views:	0 Size:	47.4 KB ID:	11115
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        Going with favorite again,Carolina.


        • Seahawk Rick
          Seahawk Rick commented
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          Of course you did! LOL! Good luck!

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        Great pix Rick
        was worried with all your fretting about

        you wouldn’t make it


        • Seahawk Rick
          Seahawk Rick commented
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          Just defending my boys! It's all about the defense from Week 1...They snuck a few wins out and could easily be 6-5, BUT, they aren't. D has looked better the last few weeks, but Clowney is becoming a question mark with an injury that they aren't giving full info on. We'll see. IFFF the defense improves, I get more confidence they can be a contender, and not a pretender. The MINN game will be a good test vs. a team that seems to be fully healthy. Bring it!

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        Shierby, who did you end up on? I hope GB or CHI! Or I guess KC for that matter.


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          WOW...IFFF KC loses, everyone goes out of Adam 2, and there would be only 'Zaggers' left in Adam 1 to split a huge pot!

          We'll see how it shakes out...


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            I’m out. Took Car as my only other option was Chicago and I couldn’t get comfortable with it. Bummed, had Minny and KC lined up for next two weeks also.


            • Seahawk Rick
              Seahawk Rick commented
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              Crap...Sorry to hear that. IF CHI was my only other option, I would have gone CAR too. CHI pulled one out of the hat. A testament to get this far, but doesn't make you feel any better. Damn.

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            The million dollar pool is down to 37 with KC still playing as I post this. I think they are under the threshold to where remaining players have to start picking two teams a week.

            Click image for larger version

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