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Thanksgiving day SPORTS

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  • Barryt
    Posing the question differently, can a 30% handicapper, be more likely to win because it’s he’s betting his last $2?

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  • Barryt
    Coaching for his job?

    Can a 3-7 coach, e.g.Patricia, come up with a better game plan and or inspire his players to play better because he’ll lose his job if he doesn’t. Maybe , but only if he’s been coasting up until now and is cranking it up today (with his 2nd string QB). Highly unlikely!

    The reverse is probably true. He’s already established he’s incompetent, so his attempts to save his job will be based on panic not diligence.

    Patricia was hired as a defensive guru: but he really wasn’t. He was a fraud, but being with the Pats he was seen on TV a lot. The 2016 and 17 Patriots had a pretty bad defence:just look at the improvement in the Patriots D since he left.

    Taking the Bears,... despite trubisky..

    Maybe “coach”v29 might have some insights into this

    wow lines upto -6...I was thinking it was still -1.5 to -2.5 so basically Chi just had to win the game to cover. I’m not willing to spot 6 points with Trubisky at the helm..
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  • Bourbonbob
    Thanks Coach and to you! Am with u on your football pics today

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  • Coachv29
    started a topic Thanksgiving day SPORTS

    Thanksgiving day SPORTS

    Happy Thanksgiving to all


    Bears -5 (2u)
    Over37 Bears
    Under 46.5 Dallas
    Saints -6.5


    Mississippi +2.5 (2u)


    Over 137 Maryland
    USC -15
    Under 158 NC State
    Over 141 Marquette (2u)

    may add

    GL to all