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  • TARB's Conference Championship lines

    PAC 12 Championship
    103 Oregon
    104 Utah 3

    MAC Championship
    105 Miami OH
    106 Cent Mich 4

    Sun Belt Championship
    107 Louisiana Lafayette
    108 Appalachian State 6.5

    BIG12 Championship
    109 Baylor
    110 Oklahoma 7

    Conference USA
    111 Alabama Birmingham
    112 Florida Atlantic 10.5

    American Championship
    113 Cincinnati
    114 Memphis 13

    Mountain West Championship
    115 Hawaii
    116 Boise St 16

    SEC Championship
    117 Georgia
    118 LSU 7

    BIG10 Championship
    119 Wisconsin
    120 Ohio State 13

    ACC Championship
    121 Virginia
    122 Clemson 27
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    Was going to say I was impressed you were already posting your lines for some of these...but now just see you're setting up the matchups. Still, it's much appreciated as I'm planning to fire away on the 11 am PT Sunday openers at Circa. With fewer games compared to the regular weekly college betting board, it'll be even more important to be able to recognize which lines are off and fire in bets ASAP.


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      I posted a few lines. I may have some top and bottom teams reversed; will correct if necessary.


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        I revised the Sun Belt to App State -6.5


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          I revised the Mountain West to Boise State -16 points.


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            LA Tech is tied with UAB and I am not sure which gets to play for the championship. However, projecting that LA Tech is in, I psst the Conference USA Championship line.


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              Been reading and listening to all the CFP listings and looks like 1,2 and 3 is set,But I know it is a long shot but Wisconsin beats OS then does Wisconsin go?


              • TARB
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                Wisconsin is already eliminated with two losses.

              • Mrvolo
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                Thanks GL today

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              I was wrong; it is UAB at FAU. I corrected the Conference USA and posted FAU -10.5 points.


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                I think CMU will destroy Mia-OH....Huge home field edge, and an overall better team.....This will be my play of the week.


                • TARB
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                  The MAC Championship game will be played at Detroit's Ford Field. Maybe, CMU has a small home field edge.

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                FYI...seeing a few pop up offshore

                Utah 5 1/2 Oregon

                Oklahoma 6 1/2. Baylor

                LSU. 5 1/2. Georgia

                Ohio State. 13. wisconsin

                Clemson. 21 1/2. UVA


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                  A different site has LSU minus 6 and Ohio State minus 17. I played the -13 from above on OSU and plus 17 on Wisconsin hoping for a middle.


                  • TARB
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                    It has a positive ev. Good luck. I wish that I had these plays.

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                  I have made three plays for one unit each, so far:

                  Central Michigan -6 ..... I saw that the lines was going up to 7 points
                  Baylor +10
                  Wisconsin +17

                  I am considering Virginia, waiting to see how high the line gets. I think that +29.5 to +30 might be eventually available. I made the line -27 points because Clemson is such a public team, but I believe the actual difference between them is about 24 points. There is a high probability that Clemson wins by 17 to 29 points. Virginia's front 7 on defense is very good at stopping the run and Clemson is more of a running team than a passing team, despite having the best quarterback in college football, namely, Trevor Lawrence.
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                    It looks like Clemson has fallen back to -28 from -28.5 points in many books, so I put in:
                    Virginia +29