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2019 NFL P.O.W. Week #14 (December 5- Dec 9) Post Plays Here

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    NFL POW 5-8 [5 pts]

    Still in win or go home mode so I'll take same attitude as last week. Pick the first game and get it over with.

    Over 42.5 Dallas vs Bears CGT]

    Both teams 6-6 and both fighting for their lives. Bears lack of pass rush will allow Dak to move the ball up and down the field along with Elliott getting back on track. Bears Offense came to life a bit last week and the Cowboys Defense can definitely give up big plays. We will see both QB's having success with their arms and quite possibly their legs also to extend drives and have it result in points. Throw in multiple turnovers and I see this on in the high 40's.

    GL to all


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      POW 7-6

      Titans -2 (Westgate)

      Line opened 3 pretty much across the board and early action appears to be on the Raiders. I disagree, Raiders have shown their true colors the past two weeks. Tennessee is the better team on both sides of the ball, defense especially.

      From a line value standpoint, I am taking the worst of it as compared to what this line would have been a couple of weeks ago. Generally this would make me hesitant and be inclined to pass on the game. However, I have been high on the Titans all year and down on the Raiders all year. Bottom line, Titans are ascending and the Raiders are descending, I will gladly lay less than a FG on the team that I think wins the game.


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        NFL P.O.W. ( 9-4-0)

        TENN/OAKLAND UNDER 47 1/2 ( Stations)

        They play each other close usually, Oakland hasn't exactly been lighting up the old scordboard last few games, and Tenn D is a mean bunch.
        Both teams have a shot at division or wild card- I expect a lower scoring game between these two.


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          POW 9-4

          Tenn/Oak UNDER 47.5 (Stations)

          Gotta grab the hook at this key number before it disappears, which it will. I will admit Compass Rose’s selection got me looking closer at this Under and the more I looked, the more I liked it. I tend to look closely at the previous six games a team has played as the best measure of where they’re at. Here, Tenn and Oak have both been playing above avg offenses, but neither of them are that. My weighted figures have both O’s in the bottom quarter of the league. So to me this points to a lower scoring game—two D’s used to playing better vs. two O’s that just aren’t so good.


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            POW 7-6

            car/atl un 48 (mgm or circa)

            These teams played 3 weeks ago and final score was 29-3. Late seas div games tend to go under. 2 sub .500 teams, multiple home games in a row and multiple. losses in a row are all under trends. car ave 19 ppg last 6 and atl ave 20 last 6. this series has gone under 10 of the last 12 meetings. every trend points to under


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              8-4 POW record
              play this week is the Green Bay packers -13.
              Washington has won 2 straight. Where I think those teams just thought it was Washington and they could show up and win. Aaron Rogers and the packers won’t do that they are coming home after 2 straight on the road. Rookie quarterback starting in Lambeau has all the ingredients of another packer blowout win. Pacers by 3 touchdowns or more


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                POW 7-6

                Chicago +3. Everywhere.

                I have no great handicapping logic for this pick, I just think Jerry Jones the billionaire businessman is a football moron for keeping that idiot as his head coach - I bet he and Dan Snyder hang out at the NFL owners meetings to congratulate and give each other handies..... I very much enjoy Dallas' current mediocrity, and if Chicago is able to stick it to them then I will be happy. Da Bears 17 Boys 13.


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                  NFL POW (9-3-1- YTD)

                  49ers +2.5 MGM

                  I took the 49ers +3 when it opened but forgot to jump onto the forum. No matter - I also took them on the moneyline. To my own detriment, I have faded the Saints in many big spots this year. I think they are the Patriots of the NFC - they have a great defense, a smart QB and a world class coach. I think the 49ers are the best team in the NFC. They have struggled inside their division as many great teams do (are close wins over the Cardinals and a loss to the Seahawks worse than what the Saints put up against the Falcons and Panthers?). I think they will push Drew Brees around and have too much offensive fire power now that they are back at full strength to be contained.


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                    POW. YTD. (10-3-0)

                    Dallas -3 @ da bers. Westgate. 4:40pm PST

                    Going back to the well 1 more time with an obviously overrated cowboys team. I wonder if what mitch did last week was nothing more than a mirage, and he reverts to his norm tonight. Where does chicago get their points from? Though I am concerned dallas has checked out on their coach and the season, dak is still playing for a contract so think cowboys will find a way tonight. Exect zeke to run for 100+ tonight, as well as getting 20+ touches. Dak will light up overrated bears defense as mack seems to have left the building this season. All said and done, how about 27-17 cowboys tonight.


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                      Buffalo Bills plus 6 points BetMGM

                      Bills will give them a game. Bills are for real. Bills are due. Bills are on hats. What the hell is a Buffalo Bill anyhow?

                      Baltimore is one hard hit or one bad step from becoming the next RG3 or Cam the Sham. But what do I know I'm 5-8.


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                        P.O.W. 8 - 4

                        Jags +3 Chargers (Circa)

                        Might be the only idiot playing the Jags this weekend but they have dropped the last four ATS and with Minshew back they should win the game outright as LAC and Rivers have thrown in the towel after a multitude of close losses. Jax may just get rid of Foles and the Eagles would probably welcome him back with open arms IMHO.


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                          POW 8-5 Jacksonville + 3 1/2 William Hill
                          both teams out of playoff picture but Jacksonville with nolles out at QB and Rivers at the end of career lean to taking points on home team.Also LAC
                          traveling a lot last 2 weeks.close game but like the points


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                            NFL POW 7-6

                            NO -2 (WESTGATE)

                            Feel like the Saints are the better team and really like the short number at home. Feels Brees outplays Jimmy G and SF is playing second straight tough road contest. Saints roll in this one.


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                              NFL POW (7-5-1)

                              New Orleans -2 (Westgate)

                              Battle for home field in the playoffs between the leaders. Saints at home, SF on the road for second week in a row. Niners had a tough one last week with Baltimore while the Saints coasted on
                              Turkey Day and have had extra days to prepare for SF. Should be a good one. Drew and company play well and earn the top spot.
                              "Do what is right . . . and suffer the consequences" Sam Houston


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