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  • Conference Championship Refs

    Really shocked that the NFL did this, but Tony Corrente is the ref this week for the TEN/KC game.......why am I saying this is weird you may ask??? Well he was also the ref back in Week 10 when these two teams met in Nashville. That game turned into one of the best of the season, a 35-32 win for the Titans.

    In the NFC game, John Hussey will be the White Hat in Santa Clara.

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    Let's see if he awards a touchdown when the returner clearly gives himself up and tosses the ball to Mr. Corrente. Some of these ref assignments defy belief. Go back and have a watch of the 2nd Chefs drive in the 1st matchup this season between these 2 teams. If you didn't know better......


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      I think Titans cover again tomorrow. Any thoughts?