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Kobe Bryant dead at 41 in helicopter crash

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  • Kobe Bryant dead at 41 in helicopter crash

    We usually try to avoid "real-world" topics that don't involve sports betting, but this news was very shocking. Condolences to his family and the families of the other victims, plus the millions of Kobe fans around the world. R.I.P.

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    Very sad news but his life and career will always be marred by the allegation of sexual assault in 2003. At worst, it was a heinous offense. At best, another case of adultery. I always felt that something didn't seem right about that situation and that his fame and fortune allowed him to escape a much more serious outcome.


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      After Jordan, probably the best there was. RIP


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        I would take Lebron over Kobe any day. Kobe MIGHT be top 10, but no way is he #2. Other better players - Kareem, Magic, Bird, Shaq, Wilt. I’m sure this will be discussed over and over now for a while and everyone has their own opinion.

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      Hate the fact that there were 7 others on that helicopter that are being ignored.......never really cared for Kobe as a player, mainly because I live in Central Ohio and could care less about the NBA, but also for what he bought his way out of in Colorado......still a tragic accident.....