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ViewFromVegas Super Bowl Prop Contest returns (pick 20 props at contest site)

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  • ViewFromVegas Super Bowl Prop Contest returns (pick 20 props at contest site)

    Yep, after a one-year hiatus, we're reviving the ViewFromVegas Super Bowl Prop Contest on our dedicated contest site at and

    Entry is FREE and you pick all 20 props listed on the site (the contest is under NFL Week 22 if you're checking standings later, but it's the only one to come up when you go to MAKE PICKS). First prize will be a $100 gift card to provided by yours truly (as a tiebreaker, it'll go to whoever starts the contest with the most straight winners on the list; if further tied, it'll go to the best record in the last 6 individual player over/under yardage props; if still tied, it goes to the person who registered first here in the VFV Forums; all rules decisions by me are final). You should have a great chance in this contest since we didn't do it last year and a lot of people won't be looking for it, so it's mostly for my longtime loyal members here, but obviously feel free to invite friends and family, especially if they're not aware of what we have to offer here at VFV Nation.

    That pretty much sums it up. GLA

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    Contest site not allowing selection of any week, let alone week #22.

    Picks are
    49ers 1sr to score yes
    first score FG or safety yes
    punt before score yes
    1st score 8:30 or later yes
    game tied after 0-0 no
    chiefs first team to punt yes
    largest lead under 14.5 pts
    3 unanswered scores yes
    total FGs over 3.5 yes
    longest FG over 47.5 yes
    total TDs over 6.5 yes
    shortest TD under 1.5 yes
    total sacks over 4.5 yes
    score in final 2 minutes yes
    mahomes pass yds over 308 yes
    hill rec yds over 73 yes
    William's rush yds over 52.5 yes
    Garoppolo pass yds under 239 yes
    mostert rush yds over 73.5 yes
    kittle rec yds under 74.5 yes


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      9er 1st scor
      TD 1st score
      score b4 punt
      score inside 1st 6:30
      tie yes
      KC 1st punt
      lead un 14.5
      3unanswered no
      fgs un 3.5
      long fg un 47.5
      7 tds
      short td ov 1.5
      sax un 4.5
      scor last 2 min yes
      un 308
      hill ov 73.5
      dwill un 52.5
      mostert ov 73.5
      kit un 74.5

      havent kikd


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        Im still on Atlantic time


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          Kikd at 41 after hr


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            Hi Dave sent you p.m. with my picks earlier.


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              Not sure why those above were unable to post plays...sorry about that...but we had 196 entrants on the site (so 200 including the four who told me they weren't able to submit plays). Regardless, TheMikeDonovan is our winner after going an impressive 16-4! I'll be sending him a $100 gift card...thanks to everyone for playing:
              TheMikeDonovan 16.0
              bballval23 15.0
              comprose 14.0
              nealwe 14.0
              TARB 14.0
              WiscoJoe 14.0
              spam55 13.0
              PalmReader 13.0
              petgal2 13.0
              phatfart 13.0