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  • XFL Week 1

    In the past, I have found some minor success, but success none the less, in these minor football leagues. Whether it be the CFL, the AFL, or even last year's AAF, I have been able to overall make money. This league I hope is no different.

    Early on, nobody has any idea what any of these teams have. The Bookmakers are in the same boat as us punters, so it's easy to get ahead on the season in the first couple of weeks. It just takes doing a bit more homework then you would normally do for say the NFL or CFB. Information is available for these teams, you just have to dig a bit to find it.

    In Week 1, here is what I am going with;
    DC -6.5
    LA +4.5
    Tampa Bay -3
    St. Louis +8

    Let's try and get ahead of the books in week 1 and make some bank as we head towards March Madness and the start of the MLB season.

    Best of luck to all this week!

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    Gotta c how these kickoffs play out...


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      Split on Saturday....LA took a nice lead and then like my Falcons did in the SB, gave up around 30 un-answered, lol.....Overall, I think the product looked good.....loved the kickoff concept...Two more games this afternoon...Good luck!


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        This definitely has the potential to get us to the draft and then onto CFL camps. Love the coaches and pressbox mics!


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          Yes, enjoyed Week 1 (and not just because I made money LMEAO)

          Like the kickoff rules, and conversions...was especially happy to see the refs let them play (no silly PI calls or constand offensive or defensive holding penalties on every other play...also loved transparency of booth reviews.