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Annual Team Tuley fundraiser for American Heart Association 2020 (Maddux's last year)

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  • Annual Team Tuley fundraiser for American Heart Association 2020 (Maddux's last year)

    Hey, VFV Nation, it's that time of year again as my son Maddux is doing the annual fundraiser for the American Heart used to be "Jump Rope For Hearts" for him as well as my daughters in previous years, but they changed it up a little bit but it's still for the AHA and it's still out No. 1 fundraising effort of the year as I don't hit up my VFV followers for every bake sale, popcorn sale, silly little trinkets, etc. but put all our eggs in one basket for this fundraiser. Our kids have raised nearly $30,000 over the past 11 years and have received many honors from the AHA and all have thrown out 1st pitches at Las Vegas minor-league baseball games (formerly at Cashman Field for the "51s" though the team is now the "Aviators" and opened a new field last year spring in Summerlin), but now this is the last time we'll be doing this as Maddux is finishing off 5th grade at his school and our middle school doesn't participate.

    Just like last year, our whole family has been under the weather this month, but Maddux took control (he's 10 now, believe it or not for VFV members that remember when he was born in June 2009!) and updated his AHA webpage to start solicitating donations and has already raised nearly $300 before I even got the chance to post this message here. But I'm proud to say and thank WJCJR, Roger Dorn, dr jay, gcotton & tpking for already donating from Maddux's first email. Over the year, members of VFV Nation have donated around 70-75% of the total amount we've collected and we're very appreciative of the generosity of our friends here.

    Maddux's page is at;jsess...A90A8B1D865EEA, so please submit donations there. The deadline for online submissions to be credited to Maddux is technically two Fridays from now on Friday, March 6, though I think any through the end of the month will still be credited to him.

    Thanks again. VFV Nation rocks.

    Yours truly,
    Dave Tuley

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    Got my email this morning and made my annual donation!! Congrats!


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      Thanks as always, VFV Nation...already over $600 raised after just a few days with about two-thirds of it directly from members here!


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        Maddux went over $1,000 by today's deadline...again, thanks to all those who contributed this year and over the past 10 years (I think Jordyn's first year, I didn't post in the VFV Forums). Our three kids have combined to raise close to $30,000 and I'm willing to bet at least $20,000 of that is from the generosity of our VFV Nation family.


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          I guess I can unstick this topic now...I mean, with the stock market crashing and people worrying about their jobs, this isn't the time to be asking for donations (unless it's for the victims of this pandemic, so contribute where you can).

          We finished with $1,229 in donations and we're pretty happy with that. Thanks again to all of you generous members of VFV Nation as the majority comes from you.