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  • Wilder-Fury

    Just wanted to post something real quick about the fight tonight. I think this is Fury’s night. I had been all-in on Fury since the first fight, I think outside the 2 knockdowns he took Wilder to school, Wilder can’t fight except for that right hand. The weight concerns me with Fury, however, if he has put on solid weight and not flabby weight, it tells me he’s looking to keep this fight on the inside. Wilder’s right hand explodes at the end of his punch when he’s fighting in the pocket, at range. I think with the extra weight, Fury is gonna look to keep this fight on the inside where Wilder can’t swing from right field and neutralize his jab and right hand that way. Wilder isn’t a body puncher nor does he throw a lot of uppercuts, so smothering the jab and right hand can be an effective defense. Not only that but I expect a lot of clinching with Fury leaning all that weight on him every single clinch to wear Wilder out that way. I think Fury wins probably by decision in an ugly hug fest

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    Damn...I had looked to see if Loops weighed in earlier Saturday but didn't check later. If I had, I would have probably put something on Fury as the public continued to bet Wilder up as high as -155 at Westgate (Fury available there at +135 compared to +125 elsewhere). Anyway, you nailed it Loops. I didn't expect Fury to take it to Wilder as much as he did, and Wilder was was amazing to watch. But you certainly called the point about Fury also leaning on Wilder with his extra weight and not giving him room to strike that big right hand.

    And now the 3rd fight in the trilogy...


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      Thanks Dave, I appreciate the words. It’s hard to fight backwards, I think a lot of coaches let their ego get in the way and say “we don’t give up real estate” and never teach fighting backwards. You gotta learn how to fight in all directions to be successful, it comes with good footwork. That aside, I really wasn’t even expecting this to be such a one sided beating. Hopefully Wilder comes to his senses and realizes there’s no need for a third fight, and the public will never really demand it either. If I’m him, I’d take some easy fights to get my confidence back, he can still make some decent money, and chase Anthony Joshua. Even if the fight happens a little too late like Lewis-Tyson, it still has to happen because the 2 of them spent so much time at the top of the division