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XFL Week #5

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  • XFL Week #5

    Sitting at 9-6-1 as we reach the halfway mark of this inaugural season. Again, watch these numbers as they will be moving the closer to kickoff we get, as these were the numbers my guy had this evening.

    Houston -13......Huge number to be laying but SEA just can't get anything going. Zone switched QB's at HT last week and it sparked the offense for a drive or two, but the Dragons still couldn't move the ball in the air. HOU will remain unbeaten in a big way.
    NY +8.......Taking a chance here with the road dog. DAL lost QB Jones last week against HOU and he will be out the remainder of the season. FWIW: The XFL "Toughest Man" of the year award has already been awarded (IMHO), when DAL OC Hal Mumme was hit on the sideline by his own RB midway in the 2nd qtr on Sunday and broke his leg......yet he remained on the sideline coaching the rest of the game!!
    DC +3.5.......Man, what has happened to my Defenders??? Cardale Jones looks like he couldn't of started for Ohio, let alone OSU these past two weeks. I just think that STL is a different team away from the Dome. Gotta hand it to the STL fans, they have really come out and shown their support for the Battlehawks. But I think Pep Hamilton gets DC back in the win column on Sunday.
    LA -1.........LONG road trip for TB and a late night KO as well......This game is a 9pm EDT start on Sunday night.....Josh Johnson has looked pretty good so far for LA and TB just put a beatdown at home against DC.....The home team should prevail in the final game of the weekend.

    Best of luck to all this week......And I will post any updated plays I may make if the lines swing one way or another leading up to KO.

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    Most of the lines have stayed static so far this week with the exception nof the DC game. That line is now up to 5 at my out. So I bought back in at the higher number....will post again tomorrow morning when the numbers will probably be moving more.


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      g...that DC game concerns me. As everyone here knows, I love dog (and home dogs even more), but as I wrote and said on my VSiN shows this week, I thought that line should have been around 8 or 9 so i think it's too short. Maybe I'll change my mind if it continues to go higher, in the meantime I'd recommend anyone wanting to bet DC to wait until the line peaks. GLA


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        Just as Dave and I have both stated, as we are now on gameday, these lines are moving.......both of todays lines are dropping.....Houston now down to 12-12.5 and Dallas at 6. Have to leave the house for a bit, but will check back on the lines right before kickoff at 2pm today....if the HOU line drops more, I will probably buy back in for some more.


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          Just missed the backdoor cover with HOU...was hoping for at least a push late but they decided to go for 1 instead of the 3, lol...great road effort out of SEA for 3 qtrs....

          Great road win by NY today....putting a beatdown on DAL...another split, now on to Sunday.


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            Well, maybe I spoke too soon on the NY game, lol...they just returned a KO 92yds for a TD


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              Split on Saturday's action....SEA played very well on the road against HOU, and HOU still had a chance for a backdoor cover....The new league does have some PR work to do regarding the ending of this game though. With a possible 9 points available on each score, the refs for some reason called the game with 2 seconds remaining. SEA should of had one shot at a hail mary, but didn't get the chance. NY just destroyed the out manned Renegades in the evening game. NY is coming on the past couple of weeks and are making the East a tough call for the playoffs with 4 games remaining.

              In Sundays action, DC is now up to a 6 point Dog at my out, so I am buying back for some more, to go along with my 3.5 that I got earlier in the week. All the buzz this week has been regarding STL being the 2nd best team in the league behind HOU, but this team is on the road and its a different team away from the Dome.

              In the late game, LA is now up to a 2.5 favorite and even 3 at a couple of shops....

              Best of luck today!


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                Huge comeback win for LA in the nightcap for Week 5. Josh Johnson showed some guts in leading this team back from 18 down in the 2nd qtr. Nice 3-1 week for me, with a double hit on DC.

                Now sitting at 12-7-1 at the halfway mark. On to week #6!


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                  Here are my personal early numbers for Week 6:
                  Houston @ New York..........Houston -8
                  St Louis @ Tampa Bay........St Louis -7
                  Dallas @ DC.......DC -5******DALLAS FIRED THEIR OC ON MONDAY******
                  LA @ Seattle.......Pick......Slight lean towards SEA and the huge home field advantage...