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Totals ... neutral site college conference tournaments

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  • Totals ... neutral site college conference tournaments

    Yesterday, 8 out of 9 college conference tournament games at neutral sites went under their totals. Only the Gonzaga / San Francisco in Las Vegas went over the total.

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    thanks....figures.....I had the Under in that


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      I keep thinking this will dry up as oddsmakers keep shading these numbers lower but they keep cashing.


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        Ivy League cancels tournament and Ohio Governor recommends no spectators at sporting events.Big East starts tomorrow in NYC and no news on what will happen.Gov.Cumono has declared a state of emergency in NYS.My Daughter is a Principal at a BOCE school(for special needs)and was told she needs a room other than the nurses room for any student who has cold,fever,etc.If student has fever over a # they should go to a ER room in a ambulance with either her or someone she designates.Not trying to be picky but I am,how can there be such a swing in what’s happening.How can a big tourney go on and the Ivy League be canceled.I hope $ does not enter into it.


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          just my 2 cents.... Media is driving this panic. 8,000 deaths by flu,31 by coronavirus


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