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    Originally posted by WJCJR View Post

    Hey – it wasn’t me that argued “social distancing” doesn’t work. It must’ve been some other covidiot. And comparing the entire 1918-19 Flu pandemic death rate of 6.8% with today’s Covid 19 rate of death of 2.8% is, at least “odd logic” if not pure covidiot BS. (And, it was you who said: “why are we going to continue to keep things closed for a 2.8 death rate?” Right?). It’s kind of like calling a total game score based on 1st quarter numbers. Well, that percentage has increased 300% since I began tracking Covid 19 deaths, and unless people suddenly stop dying, your bizarre faith in a Covid 19 2.8% lethality will undoubtedly be shaken. And, it may be “morbid” to focus on infections and deaths, but in the atmosphere of covidiot bullshit, to me it seems refreshing to face facts – and, who says I don’t track “survivability”.

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    Those are the current numbers. I had been posting them, but these – in fact – are more morbidly depressing than just the current death rates. It’s not rocket science to figure out why. Besides, national recovery numbers are wildly inconsistent, and based on widely varied reporting protocols, and I was uncomfortable having to own them as credible.

    And, I’m relieved to hear name-calling is done, but FYI, I’ve probably voted Republican for more years you’ve been alive (I just won’t vote “stupid”, no matter party allegiance). However, I guess I’m with the “SHIT LIBS” on this one, who “DON'T WANNA HEAR” the crap covidiots are spreading.

    I never said social distancing doesn't work either. I’ve stated multiple times we will never know which way would’ve worked better. What we are doing may very well have been the better call. The whole reason for quarantine was to not overload hospitals and “flatten the curve,” and now that we have done that (hospitals are laying nurses off due to not enough patients) it is time to open things back up. Not do like Cali and shut things down in May for the next 3 months.

    I did say that and stand behind it. To put so much stress on so many people because they can’t pay bills or feed their children because their work is shut down and they can’t get any help is not worth a 2.8% DRPC, which I clearly stated was “at this time”. Death rate per capita is really the closest to best way we have to compare any pandemic, unfortunately, and of course it will probably go up. The thing is, you’re obviously going to have more deaths with 331M(2020) people vs almost 201M(1968), that’s just basic math. This is why death per capita is our best determination of lethality. Never said you don’t track survivability, but so many people want to just focus on how many people are dying.

    You say, “Besides, national recovery numbers are wildly inconsistent, and based on widely varied reporting protocols, and I was uncomfortable having to own them as credible.” And at the same time it sounds like you believe all the numbers of deaths are truthful and consistent and act like everyone of them is credible. Sounds very hypocritical to me.

    I believe you probably have voted for more years than I’ve been alive. You are in the susceptible age group, just like my parents are. It sounds like you’re smart enough to not be a straight D or R, unlike a lot of brainwashed voters. You are allowed to be on whichever side you wanna be on. My issue is, so many people are so close minded and don’t want to listen to other people’s ideas/feelings and just see things from one side. Anyone that votes all D or R is part of the problem. In all honesty, anymore it’s like anyone that votes for any D or R is part of the problem.


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      Look, I’m not pro or against anything that works, I know that “social distancing” has worked to calm the spread of disease, but when, how, or if, that is to change, I want to see facts, not fabrications, to support what takes its place. I know that continuing this nationwide lockdown also has deadly consequences and the cost to everyone (especially the young) having their lives interrupted is an on-going tragedy. I want it over! (Plus, as an old fart, I’ve been robbed of one of the few baseball seasons I have left to me, my own personal tragedy. Boo-hoo.) Thing is, it’s not a question, today, of “Give Me Liberty OR Give Me Death”, it’s “Give Me Liberty AND Give me Death”, and I reject that calculation. I appreciate that you seem more accepting of the latter, and you’re not alone, but I’ll fight that to the bitter end.

      About my posted infections and death numbers – sure, some like China’s and Russia’s are stupefyingly false (which I only include to show propaganda at its lamest), but over the past couple months, I’ve read into the methodology of “Worldometers” and Johns Hopkins University’s CSSE - my sources -, and found them to be credible, using, as they do, a variety of non-governmental sources to compare with “official” reporting, and issuing something like consensus data. But, about the “recovery” numbers, I suppose calling them not credible is an overstatement. Thing is, it doesn’t take a genius to see that there’s something wrong, or different with, for example, the UK’s numbers – they use a unique protocol for recovery reporting – and if you look under the hood, that’s true of most countries – including the U.S. Even if you think U.S. hospitals are shit, I’m not buying that Russia’s have, overnight, become the nearly perfect place to bring your Covid 19 troubles. Death reporting, however, is pretty simple by comparison.

      Also, funny you should mention the American political “problem” of voting straight party lines. That’s one of the reasons I give myself, after each election, for self-promising to never vote again – except for the baseball all-stars. But I think I kept that promise only once in the last 50 years, or so – lol


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        Long article on the early days and how screwed up the travel restriction debacle was. The virus was here already but it just shows another example of how the keystone cops are running the country...

        The Washington Post: Alert | One final viral infusion: Trump’s move to block travel from Europe triggered chaos and a surge of passengers from the outbreak’s center


        • Buckeyefan80
          Buckeyefan80 commented
          Editing a comment
          I don’t typically read WAPO, among many others, bc I feel like they like to skew the news to the left, instead of just REPORTING FACTS, but most of the article appears accurate. This is one line that supports my belief, “Trump has spent much of his presidency fixated on U.S. borders and denying entry to foreigners.“ Trump is fixated on denying entry to ILLEGAL immigrants, not all foreigners. There was def a lot of chaos and not a lot of direction. I never understood why any restriction had a future date, which also created a lot of the chaos. Restrictions should’ve been immediate, not giving people days to herd into the US, and a plan for citizens to return should’ve been discussed. All in all, it sounds like the airport officials didn’t help by allowing people that had the symptoms to just pass through. Another quote from Illinois Governor, “The federal government needs to get its [email protected]#t together.” While this is true, and has been true for decades, and even if he is right, any good leader knows that you don’t call out another leader like that, especially in a time of crisis. Yes, I know Trump’s tweets and calling out are childish, and I’m not saying he’s a good leader either. They are also funny at the same time. Sorry, not sorry 🤷‍♂️ All in all, it sounds like a lot countries dropped the ball on the Europe restrictions, some better than others, but there was also a lot of people on both sides debating whether it was a good move even at the time it happened. So, we can’t change anything that has happened in the past(or else we’d all be rich. Lol) so let’s just figure out what we can do from now on to get through this.