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CFB in July???

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  • CFB in July???

    Just read an interesting tweet from a well respected writer who said that many colleges are looking into running a full season starting with games in July, finishing up in mid-October. In order to play the games in warmer weather and possible less likelihood of spreading the virus. I could see this actually happening. Teams get back together in mid-June to practice and have aprox a month to get ready for games. I would still assume these games would be in empty stadiums, but still.

    But then I also read a quote from Kirk Herbstreit this morning where he said he doesn't see any way that the NFL plays this Fall. So who knows. I can see the NFL playing to empty stands more so then CFB. For the simple fact that the NFL teams generate much more cash from TV then from gate receipts.

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    To have CFB during the three hottest months of the year seems asinine. Games when it's 90-degrees plus in many places?

    If you can't have fans, then that means there's still a danger of infection, infection that players are not immune to. It took one infected player in the NBA to shut it down, the same would happen in CFB and baseball. Different areas are are gonna flatten at different times with some areas like NY, CA, IL probably taking longer. It will be back in the fall most likely and carry through the winter into Spring when maybe a vacine is available.

    I posted stuff in various places wèeks ago that we won't see sports until ñext spring at the earliest. The big brains learn more about the virus everyday, and update their models accordingly.

    As I posted on the Covid thread, the UW here says we're looking at 80,000 virus related deaths in the U.S. by July. There are ranges from 60k to 160k with other models.

    The worst is yet to come sadly, and anything we think as normal happening soon is wishful thinking. Until it peaks, it can't go down the long other side of the hill that will be into June most likely.

    Cross your fingers after you go wash your hands! Good luck to us all and hopefully the sports blackout lifts at point, even for just a few months...


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      I was thinking same. You’ll have problems with heat related incidences especially in the hot, humid South.

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    IMHO, it is just not going to happen. I am hoping that the college football season starts on time at the beginning of September.


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      I'll bet ever dollar of Dave Tuley's money that if CFB somehow starts in September, it won't finish, just like the NFL.