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COVID-19 Data - 3/31/20 – 4/6/20

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    That's some interesting - and depressing - data, but it's good of you to try and help folks get a picture of what's going on.

    Don't know if you've seen this site yet, but it's one I've been following. The lower right hand chart is the one that I've followed the closest - if you click on the "daily increase" tab you'll see that reported cases have gone down each of the past two days. Would be fantastic if that trend continued.


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      The rate of increase for infections worldwide had been dropping, but then it bounced up. Peaks won't be reached for a while yet.

      I watch the Johns Hopkins site religiously and, when there are significant differences between what I download from Worldometer, I manually input the Johns Hopkins data as being more reliable – especially for the U.S. I’d use it exclusively if their data was download user-friendly (I should say old fart-friendly), but it’s not.
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