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  • Dak Presscott

    The Cowboys offered Presscott a decent contract, but Dak refused, wanting a bigger payment. So the Cowboys franchised him whereby he would get $ 28+ million in 2020. He hasn't signed the franchise, yet. I think that Dallas should stand pat, not increasing its offer. If he doesn't sign the franchise, then cut him free. If he signs the franchise, then next year depending how he plays, offer another contract, franchise him again or cut him. I heard that he wants the highest QB contract of about a ridiculous $40 million per year. He absolutely is overplaying his hand. I understand why Dallas hasn't decided to meet his demands.
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    He’s arguably not even worth $28M.


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      Agree with both of you...I thought they should have moved on from Prescott...I get that he's their guy, but even so you can't overpay him and handcuff your team in other areas. If he underachieves because he feels slighted for only making $28 million, that's on him. He should take a lesson from Tom Brady, who took less money than he was worth all those years to help the team be a complete team. Heck, if he performs like he thinks he can, he'll make more money in endorsements than he'll ever be able to spend.


      • DaveyShines
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        Who's to say that Robert Kraft wasn't handing him stacks of $100 bills under the table? Wouldn't put it past him. Also, Tommy's wife was pulling in a good salary as a super model. Apples and oranges. I would trade Dak and bring in Cam on a performance laden contract and draft a QB with their first pick.

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      I’m usually on the player’s side in contract negotiations, but Prescott, just like Jared Goff – just not worth the money. Last season, with all the weapons he could want – in the NFL’s weakest division – he could only manage 8-8, and missed the playoffs!! At least, before Goff got his big contract, he’d taken his team to the Super Bowl. Prescott hasn’t even sniffed it. Prescott’s numbers only place him slightly above average for starters, and this on a team that spends money to win like there’s no tomorrow. Put him on a cheap team like the Jags, and watch his numbers drop; he simply is not the type to put a team on his back and lead that team to a winning season. Talent-wise he reminds me of Kirk Cousins, but Cousins does lead his team to wins, yet he’s probably a bit overpaid himself. I like the idea of cutting him loose, and signing Cam Newton. It wouldn’t even come close to making me a Cowboy’s fan, but it would be fun to watch.


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        I could see the Jaguars signing Cam Newton to a contract.


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          He needs all that money for all those parties he throws.