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  • HORSES.....SATURDAY....MAY 2nd

    DERBY DAY, Just not in Louisville


    Race 1......5-8-7-10
    Race 2.....5-6-7-1
    Race 3.....#4 potential single in exotics.................back around 12:15 after scratches
    4th race...xxxx
    5th race...7-2-5-1
    6th race...8-5-7-4
    7th race...3-2-1-10
    8th race..2-9-6-3...……………..cold exacta.$62.40...cold $1trif $213.70….10 cent cold Superfecta….$46. tickets posted on Twitter east_coast_cb
    9th race..3-10-1-2
    10th race..3-5-1-6
    11th race...7-9-12-4
    12th race..11-4-6-10.....$70 eaxcata 6-11

    update tomorrow after noon

    Couple of Wins at GULF
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    race 1 ex box 4 with 2-6-7-9
    race 2...#2 W-P-S

    4th race..#4 W&P
    ex box 4 with1-3-8-10

    8th race..#1 W&P
    ex box 1 with 2-3-4-10-12

    races 3 & 5 are Off the Turf for sure,

    ALL LOSERS at Tampa
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      1st race..7-8-1-3
      2nd race....xxxx
      3rd race...2-5-3-1
      4th race...xxxx
      5th race....3-12-11-9
      6th race....5-4-3-6...……..cold ex and cold Trif
      7th race.....8-12-13-10
      8th race...2-10-1-5
      9th race...3-7-1-5
      10th race...11-8-1-10
      11th race....#1 possible single in exotics
      exactas 1 with 3-4-8-11...…..1-11 ex pd $13.60

      12th race.....#12 W&P....Won $11. Pl ^.40
      ex box..12 with 4-6-7-9.....Ex $81.40...…..$1 Trif $222.80 ......10th-11th-12th races...Cold Pik 3 for $1 pd $37.60

      13th race...10-5-4-7

      14th race....#13 W&P
      ex box 13 with 1-5-8-10

      Here's a 50 cent Pick 4 I'm in with a couple partners for today

      14th...1-4-5-7-8-10-13 OUT

      ***********Nice job by ED (MOV) on Dave's VSIN site as he nailed the pick 4 over there with a $39 winner in the finale********************

      >>>>>POKER PLAYERS, LOOPS runs a Sat night game NL Hold Em Tournament usually has 2 tables and takes about 2 -2.5 hours to the end, you need the App from POKERRRR
      if u want info let me know, small Andrew Jackson buy in, play on your phone or tablet or iPad. Starts at 8:30 PM Eastern Time
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        Originally posted by steviev View Post
        Race 11 Basin
        Race 12 Improbable
        Race 13 Silver prospector and Farmington road

        I'm moving this over from another thread as steviev and east coast both posted within minutes of each other, but I want to keep this to one horse racing thread for Saturday GLA


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          And my picks are going to be in my "Tuley's Thoroughbred Takes" column at ( with plays from Ed Sehon (known here as Mr.OutsideVegas) and Duane Colucci on Saturday's big racing cards...Sehon went 2-for-2 on Friday at Gulfstream...both were bet to favoritism, but 2-for-2 is still 2-for-2...Colucci had been carrying us earlier in the week, though another friend, John Lauro (who used to post in the old VFV Forums as "circle of roses" or something like that...I'll have to look it up) had the $98 exacta with #3 Swiss Skydiver and #2 Venetian Harbor in the Grade 3 Fantasy Stakes at Oaklawn. Hopefully our stable stays hot.

          Note: all the content at VSiN is free until a major sports league resumes playing games, so this is a great time to check out the Vegas States & Information Network...for those who don't know, VSiN was started by Brent Musburger and his family in January 2017 when he retired from play-by-play work with ESPN (though he has since resumed as the radio voice of the Oakland Raiders the last 2 seasons and will continue with their move to Las Vegas). We were up to 17 hours of daily programming before the coronavirus pandemic and we have a lot of deals with broadcast and print partners from coast to coast and in Canada that are expected to ramp back up when things get "back to normal." We also have a weekly digital magazine ("Point Spread Weekly") where my weekly column appears (and I'm grateful they picked up me after ESPN laid me off in 2017, so any subscriptions from my VFV followers are seen as a personal favor and much appreciated)...if nothing else, you really should at least be subscribing to the FREE daily email newsletter as that always has lots of great handicapping advice and updates on industry news. But like I said, everything's free right now so please check it out.


          • Mrvolo
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            I find it excellent and after 70 years of betting I still learn new angles.Well worth the $ but as Dave said now it is grattis.

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          Greetings from the center of the pandemic,lovely Long Island New York.......
          Oaklawn 4th--Bank....1st time Ass Man,stuck,blocked,stuck some more on a dead rail. was actually able to re rally after trouble most of way
          Oaklawn 5th--Two Thirty Five...Baltas has the horse super sharp and loves this distance
          Oaklawn 9th--Fearless...Not the best trips and rides last time,bozo Flo off johnny V on
          Oaklawn 10th--Ginobili-scratched from much tougher last weekend,last race a total throwout
          Oaklawn 12th--Tacitus/Identifier--both should be able to take advantage of a pretty hot pace.
          Oaklawn 13th--Farmington Road..Same thing with this colt except Castellano seems to be socially distancing himself from the winners circle
          Oaklawn 14th--Curlin Grey..Should love the distance,strong jockey,and did have lots of trouble last time

          Gulfstream 11th--Don Juan Kitten..May be this good with the new prince of juicing Danny Gargan


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            east coast and I both hit exacta with Charlatan...and lost money LMEAO. Oh, well, at least it cut my losses

            GL with rest of card