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My top NFL QB's in 2020

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    Tarb more material to munch on all summer...SoPt QB ratings with pts by Chris Andrews
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        Unbeevable...almost as pissed as I am at 3 of the 4 major sports. July effen 31?


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          Originally posted by TARB View Post
          1 Mahomes, KC
          2 Watson, Houston
          3 Wilson, Seattle
          4 Jackson, Baltimore
          5 Rodgers, GB
          6 Ryan, Atlanta
          7 Stafford, Detroit
          8 Garappolo, SF
          9 Wentz, Philadelphia
          10 Brees, NO
          11 Presscott, Dallas
          12 Mayfield, Cleveland
          13 Goff LA Rams
          14 Brady, TB
          15 Rivers, Indy
          16 Roethlisberger, Pittsburgh
          17 Murray, Arizona
          18 Tannehill, Tennessee

          I forgot Wentz. I will slot him in at #9 and drop down the others 1 slot.
          Rating QBs is tough to do without considering the other available offensive weapons, offensive play callers and, for that matter, head coaches. Imagine Mahomes starting his career in Jacksonville; Brees without Sean Peyton and Mike Thomas; or Brady playing 20 years for the Jets. Now, I have despised NE for so long I almost (but not quite) forget why, but Brady has always impressed me, and given what he has lucked into in Tampa Bay, I’d rank him – for 2020 – in the top 5 or 6. Goff I’d drop considerably down the list, given that – like Rodgers and Stafford – he has little to no help around him. I’d bump up Roethlisberger into the top 10, mainly because of Tomlin, but I think Watson minus Hopkins is in for a bad year.