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  • KBO Week 3

    YTD 16-14 plus 1.93 Units

    As we enter the third week of Korean baseball, the NC Dinos are the current leaders with a 10-1 record while the SK Wyverns are at the bottom 1-10. With everyone else
    somewhere in the middle. There is still a long way to go and we shall see if opening form holds up.

    NC Dinos -125
    KT Wiz Suwon -1.5 runs +110
    Kiwoom Heroes -1.5 runs +106

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    Added wager KiWoom Heroes- SK Wyverns Under 8.5 runs -118


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      Thanks for the plays last night. Good picks


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        3-1 plus 1.98 units. YTD 19-15 plus 3.91 units

        The Dinos nearly blew a 5-0 lead this morning but held on for the 5-4 win. This was their first real test and they are now 11-1. On the other end of the standings
        the SK Wyverns lost their 7th in row to go to 1-11.

        My lines are through Draftkings here in PA and I have noticed there has been a lot more activity and the lines are starting to move with more frequency as the season goes on.
        No doubt caused by ESPN broadcasting and now DK offering a live stream on the DK app. I post these that I have already bet. These may a lot different from what is offered at
        other sites. Or even at Draftkings for that matter.

        NC Dinos +104
        KT Wiz -1.5 runs +110
        KiWoom Heroes -1.5 runs -106
        LG Twins -1.5 runs -115

        You're welcome Zj. I've using my UFC profits (from you're picks) to fund my baseball bets.
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          1-3 minus 2.11 units. YTD 20-18 plus 1.70 units.

          Is the party over? The NC Dinos lost to Doosan this morning ending their 7 game win streak. It does set up a anti-swagger game (as per oldtime VFV TPKing).
          We will see if it applies to the KBO. Also SK ended a 7 game losing streak, but I don't plan on taking a pro-swagger bet on them.

          Doosan Bears +117
          KT Wiz Suwoun -1.5 runs +135
          KIA Tigers +107


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            1-2 minus .93, YTD 21-20 +0.77 units

            Well, the NC Dinos got their swagger back this morning by waiting until the 9th inning and scoring 9 runs against the Bears filmsy bullpen. At least I
            saved a little bit by not taking the SK Wyverns who have absolutely no swagger at all.

            KIA Tigers -1.5 runs -112
            KiWoom Heroes -1.5 runs +114


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              0-2 minus 2.12 units, YTD 21-22 minus 1.35 units.

              Not a good morning today. I did manage to reduce my losses by getting up early and hitting a couple of in game Overs. (not reflected in above)

              KIA Tigers -1.5 runs +104
              NC Dinos, Doosan Bears Parlay -112


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                2-0 plus 2.04 Units, YTD 23-22 plus 0.69 units.

                I've discovered the secret if beating Korean baseball. Parlay Big Favorites. Maybe. Anyhow, one day to finish up Week 3.

                KIA Tigers -1.5 runs +112
                Doosan Bears -1.5 runs -150 (That's right -150)
                Doosan-Samsung Over 12 -120

                The following are half units:

                KiW-Lotte Over 11 -121
                Hana-NC Over 9 -108
                KIA-Sk Over 10 -113
                KTW-LG Over 10 -108


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                  3-4 minus 1.67, YTD 26-26 minus .98 Units

                  Its tough to cover a run spread if you don't score any runs.
                  A minus 220 favorite loses 13-0! WTF! At least the 13 runs sent the game Over the total of 12. In the five games there were 19 runs scored in the
                  first 5 innings and 34 runs scored in the last 4 innings. (And this includes three 9th inning no bats) It seems that by the third game of the series' the
                  bullpens are getting tired and more runs are scored. I just have to get motivated to get up in the middle of the night to take advantage of this

                  Don't forget to honor our passed away veterans this Memorial Day! and I will talk to you on Monday night.
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