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Covid 19 Data - Daily Snapshot – 5/21/20

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  • Covid 19 Data - Daily Snapshot – 5/21/20

    While I really do understand the desperate pressure to “reopen” that both the World’s nations and the U.S. States are under, cooking the numbers of infections and deaths to justify quick and unsafe “re-openings” seems to qualify as “manslaughter” at best, “murder” at worst.

    In Russia, a statistical marvel is occurring where, despite having the 2nd highest number of Covid 19 infections in the world, their death rate from the disease is negligible. Attributable to having the best medical care in the history of the world? – Not likely. Or, maybe their Coronavirus is simply less lethal than what the rest world is experiencing? - Even less likely. What accounts for this anomaly is an aggressive propaganda effort to fabricate Covid 19 death numbers, which is easily accomplished by simply not testing the symptomatic who enter the hospitals. In Dagestan, for example, no patients entering state hospitals, showing signs of pneumonia, are tested for Covid 19, so that, while pneumonia deaths have surged, Covid 19 deaths remain next to zero. Oh yes, Russia reports testing numbers that put the world to shame, but – even assuming this huge number of tests factual – just who are they testing? Not the symptomatic, we know. So, it’s likely their testing the asymptomatic, and reporting only those who contracted the Coronavirus and survived. A neat dodge that sells to the covidiots of Russia that Covid 19 is no worse than the common cold.

    Similarly, the U.S. States of Vermont, Virginia, Georgia and Florida have been aggressively working in the same direction as the Russian propaganda machine.

    Combining their testing of the symptomatic with that of the asymptomatic, results in a minimization of the rate at which the infected are actually now dying – a comfort, I’m sure, to the covidiots of these states, as they trundle back to work, ever more quickly. Thing is, it’s a false security they’re being sold on. Sure, the previously-exposed-yet-survived numbers matter if you’re talking long term survivability results, where the big unanswered questions of the presence of antibodies and resistance to Covid 19 reinfection will be answered; but the recklessly quick reopenings being urged will certainly result in infection spread and increased death in the here and now, and minimizing the rate at which this Coronavirus kills is like loading the gun that eventually kills.

    These fabricated results are the ones reported to the CDC which, in part, explains why JHU’s CSSE (and yours truly) ignores the CDC reported data. Vermont and Virginia, realizing now how combining these test results makes their reporting suspect, are in the process of revising their reporting protocols. Nothing from Georgia, and I take back anything nice I might have said about Florida and Ron DeSantis, as I think that state’s covidiots are headed into dark tunnel of death, with DeSantis cheering them on.

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    Corrected World Data

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