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The Dallas Cowboy screwup

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  • The Dallas Cowboy screwup

    Dallas used the exclusive franchise tag on QB Presscott, whereby he gets $31.4 million this year and $37.68 million next year if franchised again. That totals to $69.08 million over two years.
    If Dallas used the non-exclusive franchise tag instead, he would have gotten $26.8 million this year and $32.16 million next year if franchised again. That would amount to $59.96 million over two years.Of course, using the non-exclusive tag would allow another team to offer Presscott a long term contract. Then Dallas could either match the offer to retain Dak or let him go and get two first round draft picks as compensation. Right now, Dallas has painted the Cowboys into a corner with Dak having just about all of the bargaining power. All that Dallas can do is vastly overpay Dak in a long term contract, let the franchise tag remain and overpay Dak that way or pull the tag and set Dak free. I opt for pulling the tag and going with Dalton this year.

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    That's what happens when the owner is also the GM. It also happens when some owners think they are the GM and smarter than the people they hire. Meddlesome micromanagers never prove to be successful owners. Hire the best people and let them operate freely. Think Robert Kraft.


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      Dallas won’t be good again until Jerry sells the team. Haven’t been good since Jimmy left bc of his arrogance. Just like Davey said.


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        Dallas was 8-8 last year, beating bad teams and losing to the good teams. Presscott's statistics were impressive, but he put up lots of yards and points late in the third quarter and in the fourth quarter of the games that Dallas lost because those games were already decided, with Dallas losing by lots of points in the first halves. Dallas should have won the division last year but let Philadelphia prevail.