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The greatest danger to the USA

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  • The greatest danger to the USA

    The greatest danger to the United States of America is not covid-19. This crisis will pass, if not soon, at least in the next two years, when a vaccine is developed. The greatest danger is if this devisive POTUS is elected to four more years. He continues to play one faction against another.
    It is the job of the Secret Service to protect him from physical danger. It is not the job of the Secret Service, the FBI, or the Attorney General to protect him politically. However, that is what he wants from all of his appointees, loyalty and political protection. The Justice System must be more independent for this country ( the Republic or the Union) that the Founders of the USA gave us to survive. Trump routinely subverts the Constitution that has survived since it was ratified in 1787.
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    Now Trump is bitching about Twitter removing his lying tweets that mail-in voting will promote illegal voting. Facebook and other social media firms should follow Twitter's lead in deleting Trump's lies that he uses as campaign ads.


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      Has the USA ever been more screwed up than now? OK, probably in the 1930's the USA was more screwed up. The Great Depression was caused by the failed banks and the failed stock market. The 2020 screwup was caused by Trump actually abetting the covid-19 pandemic with his denial that it was happening. 100,000+ deaths and counting. The number of deaths due to covid-19 will probably top out at double that number. What is the certain way to screw up something? PUT TRUMP IN CHARGE OF IT. How many casinos did he bankrupt in Atlantic City. Casinos make tons of money unless Trump runs them. The USA is too important to keep this idiot in charge. Vote him out of office in November.
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        Trump issues executive order that social media companies cannot fact check his lies, that are actually campaign ads.
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          Now Trump is preaching violence in Minneapolis. He definitely is a racist.