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  • KBO Week 4

    YTD 26-26 minus 0.98 units.

    Good article today by Jeff Fogle of VSiN concerning the KBO moneylines. It related how the sportsbooks at putting out 30 cent lines on the games.
    It does not affect me as much as I am more of a recreational player. The lines I use here are from Draftkings and those have even started to move
    during the day. If there is a game I really like will shop around at one of my six online accounts. You really want to take advantage of the those
    bonuses they offer. Some better than others. One time DK offered a bet of the 76ers plus 76 points. Max $50. Their way of giving out a bonus to
    loyal customers. Enough chit-chat! On to the picks.

    Lotte-Samsung Under 9 -103
    LG-Hanwha Under 8.5 +100

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    2-0 plus 2.0 units, YTD 28-26 plus 1.02 units.

    I know it is a not a large sample, a pattern seems to be developing concerning totals. The games early in the week tend to be low scoring and games later
    in the week high scoring. This mornings Unders went 4-1. As a subset of that more runs are scored later in the games. Today there were only 28 runs
    scored in the five games; and of those 6 were scored in the first five innings and 22 in the last four.

    NC Dinos -1.5 runs +123
    LG Twins -1.5 runs +104


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      2-0 plus 2.27 units, YTD 30-26 plus 3.29 Units.

      Yes, those Dinos are for real! They said it was the early season soft schedule, but 16-3 is no fluke. The LG Twins are a close second at 13-6.
      So I am sticking with what is working until it doesn't.

      NC Dinos -1.5 runs +110
      LG Twins -1.5 runs +114


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        2-0 plus 2.24 units, YTD 32-26 plus 5.53 units.

        NC and LG keep on winning as both swept their respective three game series'. Tomorrow morning all team begin a new series with different opponents.
        I will be sticking with the same teams and see if we get the same results.

        I would like to give a shout out to Ron Flatter of VSiN who put me on the Parramatta Eels of the National Rugby League in their 34-6 victory this morning.

        NC Dinos -1.5 runs -143
        LG Twins +118
        KT Wiz Suwon +160
        SK Wyverns -122
        Doosan Bears -1.5 runs -105


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          3-2 plus 0.75 units, YTD 35-28 plus 6.28 Units.

          Managed to still eke out a small profit this morning; as Dinos lost some swagger after blowing a 4-0 lead. Also another shout out to Ron Flatter of VSin as he
          has another winner in Rugby as the Sydney Roosters beat and covered against South Sydney.

          LG Twins -1.5 runs +100
          Samsung Lions +175
          Doosan Bears -1.5 runs +125
          SK Wyverns -1.5 runs +135


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            2-2 plus 1.10 units. YTD 37-30 plus 7.38 units.

            Good article by Jeff Fogle of VSiN concerning KBO bad bullpens and how to take advantage. He did not mention the live betting possibilities
            where you wait a few innings and then bet the posted overs. The Sunday morning games have tended to go over. I will take advantage until adjustments are made.

            In the SK-Hanwa game is listed as a pick 'em -112,-113. Something doesn't seem right. SK wins three in a row, Hanwa loses 7 in a row. But I will bite anyhow.

            SK Wyverns -113
            Samsung Lions +170 (cashed yesterday at +175)
            Doosan Bears -1.5 runs +108
            Kia-LG Over 8.5 -120
            Sam-NC Over 8.5 -120
            SK-Hanwa Over 9 -112
            Doosan-Lotte Over 8.5 -122
            KiW-KT Over 10 -117


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              6-2 plus 4.00 units, YTD 43-32 plus 11.38 units.

              A nice Sunday morning here in PA. ALL five overs hit! A total of 84 runs were scored in the five games. 35 in the first five innings and 49 in the last four innings.
              This makes the Over 9-1 the last two Sunday mornings. SK kept their win streak going at nearly a pick 'em over Hanwha which has now lost 8 in a row.

              Add to that Dave's two big longshots and it has been one heck of a weekend. All we need is Reddick to win the race today (or at least top 10) and
              it will be something else!


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                Good job, rockman...I've only been betting small parlays for kicks and I swear I've used NC Dinos in 4 or 5 of their 6 overall losses in parlays on those days...and guess another lesson to stick to my "dog or pass" philosphy LMEAO