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Covid 19 Weekly Update For 5-19-20 to 5-25-20

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  • Covid 19 Weekly Update For 5-19-20 to 5-25-20

    HOUSEKEEPING: Revised the frames to reflect weekly totals of infections and deaths, and restored a “survivability” rate chart, despite the problems existing with “recoveries” reporting.

    Although the U.S. improved in both rates of infections and deaths, and improved dramatically in survivability, America still leads the world, by huge margins, in the worst categories. Shamed by the WHO, Russia is finally getting its propaganda machine under some sense of control, now showing a surge in reported infections and deaths. The UK is all over the place in bad ways; Canada is still struggling; Sweden is holding steady in its self-imposed misery; Brazil is making a hard charge up the death total leaderboard; and China…? For me, China’s numbers remain too low to believed, but the extent to which that country went with truly draconian measures of quarantine and lockdown following the Wuhan/Hubei Covid 19 explosions, coupled with the remarkable consensus-cooperation of the population, is making me doubt my doubts.

    Although I trust both Worldometers’ and JHU’s CSSE’ reporting methodology, many of their sources (like the Chinese and Russian propaganda machines, as well as the good old American CDC) are, admittedly, a pack of lying and/or misleading jackals; and if these were the sole sources used, the credibility of the numbers I post for these nations would be not credible at all. However, neither Worldometers or JHU’s CSSE, rely solely on these “official” sources, and use a variety of other, less official sources (hospitals, laboratories, and county public health officials, etc.) to compare and corroborate, arriving at consensus data, that I do find credible.

    Data on “recoveries” is highly problematic. Reporting protocols for recoveries vary widely, with many nations simply not following the WHO’s guidance, many of which have simply stopped reporting altogether. For example, some report a “recovery” when a Covid 19 infected person is tested again and found negative for the virus, while others report as “recovered, a Covid 19 infected person who has merely been release from a hospital, with no further test administered. One merely has to look at the UK’s reported recovery numbers to see something’s whacky there, and unless Russia’s healthcare system has secretly improved enormously behind the back of the world, there’s really something rotten in Moscow. Moreover, survival rates are more in the “tenuous projection” category than, say death rates, which I’d categorized as more “reflective of current reality”. Nevertheless, there has been a popular demand (honest) to see “survivability” calculations, so I’ve included a chart to reflect these; and, in these terms the U.S. has, over the past month, positively zoomed to respectability. A month ago the U.S. was at 64% and actually trending lower, but today it’s at 81%, and surging upwards. There are grim reasons for this, but those are the current numbers for the nation, and I consider it a – sort of – “good” sign. (I say “sort of” because the increase in “recoveries” directly correlates to increased availability of medical resources - ie. doctors, caregivers, hospital beds and ICUs), for which only the “dead” provide, as their deaths frees such resources for others. So, it’s not exactly something to cheer about.)

    Although trending lower like the rest of the nation, N. Carolina’s high infection rate is likely due to a combination of the “phase one” easing of lockdown restrictions, and the continuing Red Herd BS that that there’s nothing to worry about. Covid 19 is still highly infectious and lethal, it’s not going away, and the precautionary guidelines put in place by NC’s Department of Health need to be followed. Virginia, Arizona, California, Illinois and Ohio are still in deep Covid 19 shit; while Washington, New Jersey, Michigan and New York, seem to be over the worst; and the numbers from Florida and Georgia only grow more and more suspicious.
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