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Trump's Police State

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  • Trump's Police State

    Blacks are protesting all over the country due to police getting away with killing black people numerous times , especially during Trump's presidency. Many of the black people committed minor crimes, but some were totally innocent of any crimes. As far as I know, no cops have been convicted for killing black people. Just about all of these police killings would be crimes that would be tried by State Courts, not Federal Courts. Federal Courts could prosecute these cops for civil rights violations. Trump always backs the cops and does not care for black people because he is definitely a racist. TRUMP'S POLICE STATE IS UPON US and I expect things to get much worse in our country.

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    Lots of blacks were killed by white cops during Obama's administration. Trump doesn't care about blacks because he knows that 99% of them won't vote for him. All he cares about now is his re-election. Where is the Republican leadership? Cowards for not speaking up and against this President. It might be a long, hot summer in the USA----shades of 1968. Add the pandemic and economic devastation on top of this and it could get real ugly.


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      Obviously, George Floyd's murder, committed by a cop kneeling on his neck for about seven minutes while three other cops watched, doing nothing to stop Floyd's murder sparked these demonstrations. Floyd, struggling for air was not resisting arrest, and said that he couldn't breathe for the first four and a half minutes. He then passed out and the cop kept kneeling on his neck for another two and a half minutes. This cop should be prosecuted for first degree murder. The other three cops involved should be prosecuted as accomplices or at least for man slaughter. Floyd's hands were handcuffed behind his back the whole time of this terrible incident.


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        The protests, which started out peacefully, are now getting out of hand. 40+ cities and 20+ states have issued curfews. 12+ State National Guards have been activated, since looting has started in some areas.


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          Let's hope and pray that we don't get another Kent State type incident.