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KBO Week 5

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  • KBO Week 5

    YTD 43-32 Plus 11.38 Units

    Coming off a good week. Starting off slow and waiting to see if linemakers and/or teams start to make adjustments.

    SK Wyverns +175
    KiWoom Heroes -1.5 runs -110.

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    Off to another great start this week...keep it going, rockman!


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      2-0 plus 2.75 units. YTD 45-32 plus 14.13 units.

      Thanks Dave. How 'bout them Wyverns! Whatever the heck they are. Don't tell me I don't want to know. I am starting to like this 10 teams 5 games a day
      schedule. I will be sticking with what brung me.

      SK Wyverns +150
      Kiwoom Heroes -1.5 runs +114


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        1-1 plus 0.14, YTD 46-33 plus 14.27

        I managed to eke out a small profit with the split this morning. SK lost after a five game win streak, but Hanwha kept things going with their
        10th loss in a row.

        KiWoom Heroes -1.5 runs -129
        Kiwoom, NC Dinos ML parlay +106


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          2-0 plus 2.06 units, YTD 48-33 plus 16.33 units.

          KiWoom coasted to a 7-3 win handing Hanwa its 11th straight loss, and NC took care of business in 11-0 romp.
          Teams all switch opponents in first games of new series' now.

          KT Wiz Suwon +100
          NC Dinos -1.5 runs -150
          KiWoom Heroes -136
          KIA Tigers +100


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            You da man, rockman...would love to hear from others following along...GL tonight (in the morning, whatever LMEAO)


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              Originally posted by DaveTuley View Post
              You da man, rockman...would love to hear from others following along...GL tonight (in the morning, whatever LMEAO)
              Im following along but the political posts and rants are at top of thread. Mr Tuley, can you keep this a sports betting forum. Many ,many other places to vent your opinion on politics


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                Agree with bullybeater.... makes reading and following a bit uncomfortable.... thanks


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                  2-2 Even, YTD 50-35 plus 16.33 units.

                  I broke even this morning as the Dinos handed Hanwha its 12th straight loss. Which accounts for tomorrow's -275 70 cent line. Also with a 30 cent run line
                  (which I can live with). NC 21-6, Hanwha 7-21.

                  NC Dinos -1.5 runs -157
                  KiWoom Heroes +132


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                    No love for the Hanwha Eagles tonight. ML is now up to -400 and run line up to -245. I do remember a few time during 2019 with the Astros
                    were -450 or -500 and forgot to take out their garbage cans and wound up losing. I hope the Dinos don't follow suit. If I am up late enough tonight
                    I may buy some back on the run line if keeps and gets over the +160 mark. You never know.


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                      The Hanwha team is now +1.5 +185. I will buy some or all of my bet back to guarantee a profit. For record keeping I will use my original bet of -1.5 runs.


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                        No wagers yet. But FYI NC Dinos opening ML is -335. Soon to be -400 at a sportsbook near you!


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                          Yep, they're jacking up the juice, but you still the (rock)man! Love getting up in the morning with more in accounts than I went to bed with LMEAO

                          Look forward to seeing how you adapt to changing prices.


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                            2-0 plus 2.32 units, YTD 52-35 plus 18.65 units.

                            NC Dinos ML has dropped to a respectable -235. This morning they handed Hanwha their 13th loss in a row. Reminds my of the old days where one of my bookies
                            declared a team uncompetitive and wouldn't take any action at all on or against them. Right now they are still the go against team of the KBO.

                            On another note, the Kiwoom Heroes came back from a 4-0 deficit to win at plus money. Below are my sides and I am still looking at Totals and will post later.
                            Over is 9-1 last two Sunday mornings. So now those numbers are inflated.

                            NC Dinos -1.5 runs -141
                            KiWoom Heroes -118
                            Doosan Bears -1 +123
                            SK Wyverns +110
                            Lotte Giants +140


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                              They haven't inflated the juice on the Overs so we'll take a shot. In the NC-Hanwha game most of the runs will have to come from the Dinos. One good thing;
                              they haven't introduced the Mercy rule into the KBO. Yet!

                              NC-Hanwha Over 11.5 -115
                              LG-KiWoom Over 11 -104
                              Samsung-SK Over 9.5 -106
                              KIA-Doosan Over 10.5 -113
                              KTWiz-Lotte Over 10 -106