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  • Odds on the election

    When I first check the odds on the Presidential election a few months ago, I was very surprised to see that Trump was favored by -125 with the Democrat being +107. Now, offshore book Pinnacle Sports has Biden at -115 and Trump at +101. We can't bet on the election in Nevada books. Too bad, because I just can't see Trump winning. Of course, I was dumbfounded when Trump won in 2016.

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    Trump is +113 now @BM. I think it’s Biden’s race to lose now. Just low profile it and make no major gaffes. When the debates come just bring up all Trump’s mistakes.


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      Originally posted by marcbryanjacob View Post
      Trump is +113 now @BM. I think it’s Biden’s race to lose now. Just low profile it and make no major gaffes. When the debates come just bring up all Trump’s mistakes.
      They would have to make the debates 6 hours for that to happen, lol.....


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        Saw Biden 56/44 ov Trump in popularity poll 2nite. +/- 3.5%
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          The "Tweety Bird President" is busy on Twitter dividing the country. He thinks that is his way to win re-election.


          • DaveyShines
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            If Twitter ever cancelled his account, it would be the end of Chump.

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          Pinnacle now has the odds to be:

          Trump +111
          Biden -130


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            Current Pinnacle odds:

            Trump +112
            Biden -131

            I am surprised that Trump isn't a bigger underdog, considering how much his popularity is crashing.


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              Books are smart enough to know this guy will be pulling some shit to try and win. Like cancelling mail in voting, moving the election or just plain rigging it.


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                Betfair up to -161 probably due to the poor turnout in Tulsa


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                  Bodog has Dems popular vote-10.5%+525. That’ll be Dems-55.51% by my reckoning. Gonna watch this 1 close


                  • TARB
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                    Democrats over 55,25% +525

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                  Better clarify how close Bodog is gonna cut it b4 u place. Need 56% if they don’t bother with decimals


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                    Interesting fact:

                    Only two incumbent presidents have been defeated for re-election since World War II: Jimmy Carter and George H.W. Bush.

                    Trump's approval ratings are 5 points better than Bush's and 7 points better than Carter's were at the same point in their re-election campaigns.

                    I do think polling is never entirely accurate, but that is a fascinating fact about elections.

                    Although I doubt this will be a free election( voter suppression, the virus might force polls to close due to lack of workers, foreign interference and whatever bullshit Trump might try to pull), I think Biden will most likely win this one. People didn’t come out to support 45 in Tulsa, which makes me think people are finally starting to take the virus seriously.The economy will still be in the shitter in Nov, and when they try to open up schools there will be tons of outbreaks because the govt isn’t giving them any funding for Ppe. Weather centers also think this will be the worst hurricane season in years. If those hit early on top of all this, he’s done.


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                      Meanwhile I’ve seen up to -175 SU


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                        Current Pinnacle odds:

                        Trump +142
                        Biden -167

                        about 61% chance that Biden wins
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                          To make the election a 50-50 proposition, how about?

                          Trump +124.5 electoral votes -110
                          Biden -124.5 electoral votes -110