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    Pinnacle update:

    Trump +157
    Biden -185

    about 62.5% Biden wins.
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      I say this as an upper Middle Class late 50s Caucasian who has voted Conservative and Republican since I was allowed to vote. I also work for a major brokerage firm so I tend to be biased toward things that “help the markets”

      I find it almost inconceivable at this point that Trump can win. I must admit I voted for him in 2016 but that vote was more anti Hillary than pro Trump. I consider Biden an extraordinarily weak candidate and that to me in the only reason the odds are even where they are today.

      i will not make the same mistake again. While I disagree with many of Biden’s ideas I cannot pull the lever for Trump again. This view has little to do with Trump’s ideas/policies. I think this country desperately needs someone who will try to bring us together.

      I am not sure Biden can but I am sure Trump cannot. He is in my opinion bordering on delusional and one can argue an embarrassment to the office.

      i know many on here may disagree and that is OK. I respect your right to your opinion and hope you can respect my view. While I would think Biden supporters should “fear” the debates as I do not think that’s likely to go well for Biden our current President is just so unlikable as a person I see this as a likely comfortable win for the Democrats and possibly a landslide and am placing offshore wagerstbat reflect that in a number of ways.


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        I agree with most all this. I don’t think either can actually bring everyone together, but the media is the main factor in that not happening now. This cancel generation that whines when they
        don’t get their way is the biggest threat to this nation crumbling and the media is feeding right into them and is the biggest reason why no one can bring us together. Always blaming the other side for anything that goes wrong and no one will take responsibility for their actions. Until the fake news goes away we will be a divided nation.

        It’s a disgrace that out of probably tens of millions of eligible people in this country these are the 2 “choices” we have. You’re right, if the Dems weren’t so arrogant and actually listened to what their constituents want instead of who they want to push, they’d win this election by the biggest margin probably ever. Not one Dem I know wanted Biden. Just another reason I can’t stand the Dem party. I said it last election and it’s still true this election. If people got their heads out of their asses and stopped listening to the media that we only have 2 choices and voted 3rd party we could get rid of the duopoly and actually have someone we want in the office.
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      Pinnacle update:

      Trump +150
      Biden -176

      About 61.5% Biden wins. The odds have dropped a little bit.


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        What’s funny about this whole thread is when the voting started on November 8, 2016 trump was +1000 to beat Hillary, so keep thinking the odds really mean anything.