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    Pinnacle update:

    Trump +138
    Biden -162

    Biden down to about 59.5% chance of winning based on the above betting line.


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      Pinnacle update:

      Trump +132
      Biden -155

      Trump surging, Biden down to about 58.7%.


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        Pinnacle update:

        Trump +150
        Biden -176

        It looks like Biden has about a 61.5% chance of winning.


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          Pinnacle update:

          Trump +144
          Biden -169

          It seems that picking Kamala Harris as his running mate has done little to affect the odds. Biden has about a 60.6% chance of winning, based on the above betting line.
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            Pauly and Mitch just talked about a big book hit down to -135 Biden. So wrong-headed...he just scored so many women and black voters and she’s of Indian-Asian heritage as well!


            • Barryt
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              NPR really playing up her as Black as opposed to Asian. Think her mom was Black Jamaican. So not your typical Afro American, sorta like Obama though in that respect.

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            Pinnacle update:

            Trump +139
            Biden -163

            equates to 60% Biden and 40% Trump.


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              Latest NPR Poll is 53-42 or 57%
              so betting markets favor Biden slightly more or its just a 3% Vig.
              "A missed FG is a turnover " Michael Lombardi
              “The bigger the edge, the fewer the bets we need to verify our strategy.” Jim Makos


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                Still don’t see how he has any popularity. The post office bullshit reeks of fascism. This country is stupid as fuck.


                • cdog
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                  What's holding you back from getting out of this country?

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                Originally posted by Dukowski View Post
                Still don’t see how he has any popularity. The post office bullshit reeks of fascism. This country is stupid as fuck.
                Ah, the old lame as fuck “love it or leave it” argument. Well, if you keep up with the news, you know we can only actually travel to about 8 countries in the whole world right now. Apart from immigration to other countries being hard, I don’t want to leave here. I like it here, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t problems with it as it currently stands and its my right to say so. You think we look smart lately? Only country that can’t control this virus. And you made an account just to say that? Bootlicking is hard work, I guess.
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                  Trump has made the USA the laughing stock of the world.


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                    Pinnacle update before the Democratic convention:

                    Trump +133
                    Biden -156

                    That corresponds to Biden about 58.8% and Trump about 41.2% chance of winning the election.


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                      Pinnacle update:

                      Trump +131
                      Biden -154

                      Biden 58.5% - Trump 41.5%


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                        Have not been on this site in quite awhile

                        Was in Ireland in January and put a lite bet on biden @ +185
                        And I usually hedge my bets when the odds are favorable

                        Not this time
                        C'mon uncle Joe


                        • TARB
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                          Too bad it was only a small bet! It will very likely cash.

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                        The odds continue to drop on BIDEN.
                        Pinnacle update:
                        Trump +117
                        Biden -137

                        That corresponds to Biden about 55.7% chance of winning the election. Why is Trump's chance of winning rising? Do they think that he is going to be able to steal the election?
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                        • Dukowski
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                          I think it’s several factors. Biden is not someone who has that rock star persona that Dems need to get elected like Obama or Bill Clinton had. I think Harris did more damage to his popularity than he wants to admit. She is another corporate democrat.
                          He could have picked someone younger to appeal to younger/progressive voters. Instead he is trotting our people like Kasich and Powell and attempting to appeal to Trump voters and independents.

                          I also think not being able to give speeches hurts the candidates equally. Biden hit his stride with about 5 months left until the election. It’s hard to keep that enthusiasm up.

                          I also think polling is still in question because these are all national polls and not state polls.We know Trump didn’t get the popular vote last time, but how accurate or honest are people being when polled? If the election had been last month, I have no doubt Biden wins in a landslide. The longer people become used to covid and high unemployment, the better Trump looks. People also fell for his executive orders even though they will do nothing in most cases.

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                        Pinnacle update:

                        Trump +119
                        Biden -139

                        Corresponds to Biden about 56.1% chance of winning.