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    Pinnacle update:

    Trump +116
    Biden -136

    Biden 55.5% - Trump 44.5%
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      Pinnacle update:

      Trump +126
      Biden -148

      Biden 57.5% - Trump 42.5%

      It looks like Biden is starting to get some action.


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        Pinnacle update:

        Trump +128
        Biden -150

        Biden 57.85% - Trump 42.15%


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          Pinnacle update:

          Trump +149
          Biden -173

          Biden 61.28% - Trump 38.72%
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            Pinnacle update:

            Trump +136
            Biden -159

            Biden 59.25% - Trump 40.75%


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              I put the over/under on Biden's electoral vote total at 307 electoral votes. He needs 270 electoral votes to win the election. Biden is competitive in both Florida and Ohio. If Biden wins either state he is virtually guaranteed to win the election. He also has a good shot at picking up the 11 electoral votes of Arizona.


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                Pinnacle update:

                Trump +130
                Biden -152

                Biden 58.2% - Trump 41.8%


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                  PINNACLE UPDATE:

                  Trump +123
                  Biden -144

                  Biden 56.9% - Trump 43.1%


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                    If Biden gets the states that he is supposed to win plus Arizona, Ohio and Florida and 3 out of 4 from Maine, then 336 electoral vote total is likely. The 336 is probably the highest number that he can get. His lowest total is probably about 275. The most likely total seems to be 307.


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                      Pinnacle update before the Republican convention:

                      Trump +117
                      Biden -137

                      Biden 55.7% - Trump 44.3%


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                        Pinnacle update

                        Trump +120
                        Biden -140

                        Biden 56.3% - Trump 43.7%


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                          Pinnacle update:

                          Trump +109
                          Biden -127

                          Biden 54% - Trump 46%

                          I find it very hard to believe that yesterday's first day of that abortion of a Republican convention could actually raise Trump's chance of winning the election.


                          • Seahawk Rick
                            Seahawk Rick commented
                            Editing a comment
                            He'll get a bump out of the convention, which most candidates get. The focus will then turn to the debates, which can move the needle some. Expect the poll numbers to get a little tighter as we get closer to October. I think it's a Godsend that Biden didn't have to do a whole summer and fall full of campaigning that would have given him a ton of chances to put his foot in his mouth, which he does from time to time. The debates will be dangerous for Joey, but if he can stay calm, he can get through them...If he gets all worked up, he might create some gaffs that hurt him.

                            The GOP is trying to use fear as usual to paint the DEMS as a group that will ruin the country through their Socialist agenda, which isn't their agenda even though Biden threw a few bread crumbs to the Bernie Bros.. Defunding Police, new taxes, gun control, border security. They don't have a platform, just all bowing to Lord Donzilla and whatever he comes up with from day-to-day.

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                          Pinnacle update:

                          Trump +114
                          Biden -133

                          Biden 55.06% - Trump 44.94%


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                            Pinnacle update:

                            Trump +119
                            Biden -139

                            Biden 56.1% - Trump 43.9%


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                              I can no longer get on the Pinnacle sports site to access the odds on the election.