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    Reduced Juice - Internet Only
    both must represent their respective party on Election Day, November 3rd 2020 or a later date for action
    Tue 11/3 101 Joe Biden wins Presidential Election +100
    8:00PM 102 Donald Trump wins Presidential Election -110
    Looks like the people are waking up to just how bad a candidate Biden really is. “Are the people really that gullible?” Kids nowadays get their news from twitter and Facebook. People like you, tarb, get your news from msm like cnn and fox, so yea, people really are that gullible because they don’t research anything on their own. Presidents are selected, not elected anyway. Until we demand not to have to close between the lesser of 2 evils/idiots and get money out of politics, nothing is going to change.


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      I have more faith in Pinnacle than any other off-shore book.
      Pinnacle update:

      Trump -101
      Biden -115

      Biden 51.86% - Trump 48.14%
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        Pinnacle update:

        Trump +101
        Biden -118

        Biden 52.39% - Trump 47.61%


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          Every single offshore book in 2016 had Hillary at over -1000 so how can you trust any of them...
          That really should be telling in how horrible a candidate Biden is. All the Dems needed to do was not give us a shitty candidate and it woulda been a landslide. So many Dems I know don’t even want him. That’s how arrogant those assholes are and just another reason people hate them.


          • TARB
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            There is nobody worse than Trump. He calls US servicemen who died defending the country stupid fools. He sucks up to dictators all over the world, especially Putin. I would love to know what Putin has on Trump that he can make Trump jump through hoops.

          • Buckeyefan80
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            I see your still listening to/watching your left wing news sources. You people are never going to give up on Putin apparently. Even after they found nothing.

            My question is, why did this story not come out in 2018 when it “happened?” Why did a Biden/Dem megadonor wait until precisely now to release this story? Seems very fishy to anyone with critical thinking skills. And the “sources” need to claim anonymity? Why? None of the people that came out saying how horrible of a person Hillary is claimed anonymity...and the Clintons suicide people. 🤔

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          Why did Trump believe Putin when he said that Russia didn't interfere with the 2016 election while all of US intelligence agency said that Russia absolutely interfered? Of course, it was in Trump's interest to claim that Russia didn't help him win.


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            Pinnacle update:

            Trump +110
            Biden -129

            Biden 54.27% - Trump 45.73%


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              Pinnacle update:

              Trump +107
              Biden -125

              Biden 53.57% - Trump 46.43%


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                Pinnacle update:

                Trump +112
                Biden -131

                Biden 54.67% - Trump 45.33%
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                  I now think that the 50-50 odds on the election should be Biden -100 electoral votes. That means that Biden has to win Florida's 29 electoral votes, with Trump winning Iowa, Ohio, North Carolina and Georgia. Biden has to win Arizona and Pennsylvania, where he leads Trump, too. Then If Biden wins Maine's district 2, he covers the spread. If Trump wins district 2, then it is a push, with Biden winning the election by exactly 100 electoral votes.
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