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Covid 19 Weekly Update For 6-9-20 to 6-15-20

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  • Covid 19 Weekly Update For 6-9-20 to 6-15-20

    When I began tracking national Covid 19 numbers, I used those nations ranked in the top 10 in terms of public health care, although I included the U.S. only because I’m an American and the U.S. response to the pandemic was verging on the catastrophic. I added S. Korea because the date of their first confirmed case was the same as the U.S., then added China and Russia mostly because of their population size, even if their numbers tended to be propaganda fictions; and Sweden, I added because of their studied and planned indifference to the disease where, predictably, it became a global laughingstock. I dropped a couple countries because they’re of low population size and have handled Covid 19 well; but, I’ve now added several more countries where bad things are just now ramping up.

    Regarding “Survivability”, and given the widely varied protocols for reporting “Recoveries”, this chart is only useful if you feel like you can trust the numbers they report. For example, Russian data is pure fiction. For a time they wouldn’t allow a Covid 19 test be given to any person displaying Coronavirus symptoms who were admitted to state hospitals. They only stopped when hospital staff, who were dropping like flies, complained to the WHO, and Vlad The Infector was pretty unapologetic about it. China, of course, hasn’t told the truth since early in March when the Chinese media did a heavy-handed clampdown on numbers being leaked by the lab in Wuhan. The same is true in the U.S. where several states are shamelessly manipulating numbers in order justify ever faster “reopening” – but it’s not so easy to do, with epidemiologists and statisticians from UW’s IHME and JHU’s CSSEE looking over their shoulders. Soon or later, if a 2nd wave strikes, it would be unsurprising to see Trump step in and “classify” the numbers from selected Red states, making the reported numbers from the U.S. as reliable as those produced by the Russian and Chinese ministries of propaganda.

    Anyway, this past week, infections and deaths jumped worldwide, including in the U.S. And although the U.S. remains the Covid 19 champion of death, a number of the new nations I’m tracking, along with Brazil, are getting sicker and dying faster; and Brazil’s huge number of infections and deaths, now has Bolsonaro nipping Trump’s heels for the top spot, with the prime ministers of Australia, S. Korea and Japan wondering what all the fuss is about. In the U.S. Arizona (especially), North Carolina, California, Texas, Georgia and Florida remain the best places not to be, with Michigan making a hard charge up both leaderboards, while Virginia may have turned the corner.

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    Wasn’t SCar the 1st state to begin opening up? Now look at Clem with 28 cases! Karma baby!