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Covid 19 Data - Weekly Review - 6-16-20 to 6-22-20

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  • Covid 19 Data - Weekly Review - 6-16-20 to 6-22-20

    There are many ways in which data may be manipulated – including barefaced lying – and when it comes to Covid 19 data, the politics of reported deaths makes such numbers fair game. Russia, for example, got outed last month by the World Health Organization, for suppressing Covid 19 deaths by refusing to test for the Coronavirus any new patients, diagnosed with pneumonia or high fevers (obviously, signs of Covid 19), who had been admitted to state hospitals in Dagestan. The result was that these new patients, suffering from a mystery disease, were not isolated and/or quarantined, and this precipitated the spread of infection throughout Dagestan’s hospitals. Only when hospital staff (who were dropping like flies) made complaints directly to the WHO, did Covid 19 testing resume, and quarantine protective measures were restored. Statistically, however, it was a “win” for Russian propaganda, as Russia’s rate of death from Covid 19 is still microscopic compared to other nations.

    Several of the states in the U.S. where outright lying about numbers is harder to do, are nevertheless also either masking or manipulating data for political reasons. One way is to ramp up all but pointless antibody testing, and reporting positive test results as, merely, new Covid 19 cases to the CDC. True, this has the effect inflating the number of Coronavirus cases for such states, but – as these new cases are, in fact, “recovered” – the Covid 19 death rate declines, which is the point. Of course states in the business of manipulating data in this way: never report “recoveries” or Covid 19 hospitalizations; do not follow the CDC protocol for Covid 19 deaths reporting; and, absolutely never report who is being tested and why, as they are being done by private labs, which have no legal requirement to report Covid 19 test particulars or results to the CDC. States which do this stand out when reporting a radically low ratio of deaths to infections – especially if the death rate is dropping, despite a higher number of infections. Bottom line: it makes governors and the health care systems they oversee during this pandemic look better than they should, and keeps their respective populations in the dark, and thus, less fearful of, and more motivated for, ever quicker “reopening”.

    In any case, the world got a lot sicker this past week, thanks mostly to the U.S. and Brazil. For a pandemic that is “fading away”, the U.S. recorded its highest new weekly infections number since March. Trump’s virus still rules the Covid 19 world in terms of infections and deaths, but Bolsonaro is definitely coming for the gold in both categories. Narendra Modi is also making a move for the bronze, with Putin’s flagging infection rate, and Boris Johnson’s hold on the bronze for deaths is definitely iffy.
    Arizona, Florida and Texas saw big spikes in infections this past week, especially Florida which is setting up for a horrid summer.

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