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    I know that none of us on here are psychics, at least I don't think so, lol....but what is everyone's true deep down, gut feeling about a full season this Fall?? I personally don't think it's going to happen. I mean we are only about 8 weeks away from the season starting, and the number of cases of The Rona is getting higher on campuses around the country. And this is before ALL students are back. Hell, Clemson now has had over 30 players test positive.

    The thing that I'm afraid of is we are going to end up with such a varying number of games played not only across the NCAA, but within each conference. How do you award a division champion if one school only plays 8 games and the other 10 or 11?? I'm also worried that week to week we are going to have forfeits all over the place.

    Just my two cents, but I would love to hear how my fellow VFV members feel deep down.

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    No football, pro or college this season. And very good chance that MLB/NBA/NHL will run into some real snags. Just MHO. Not trying to be a Debbie Downer but your country is Fucked Up right now and your so called leaders are only exacerbating the problem. All that saliva, spitting, coughing, heavy breathing, close contact that accompanies these sports means that the transmission rates will be higher. A non-contact, socially distant sport like golf is having a hard enough of time keeping everybody healthy.


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      Trump, Pence and the Governors of Florida, Texas and Arizona stand out as our worst leaders, having policies that promote covid-19 coronavirus.


      • Buckeyefan80
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        You forgot to add North Carolina to your list this time, tarb. Oh, that’s right, it doesn’t fit your narrative that it’s supposedly only republican governors that are the cause of the spikes. Has nothing to do with all the protests/riots going on in democratic controlled cities and states. Just ask the MSM. There’s no spike in cities where hundreds of thousands of people are all out in the streets together burning their cities to the ground, it’s only in places like Tulsa where trump couldn’t even fill a 20,000 seat arena. That’s where all the spikes come from. That makes total sense. 🙄

        You seriously can’t even talk sports anymore without bringing your 🐑 politics into it. All while ignoring the fact that racist Biden and the racist Dems are the reason we are even in this mess! JFC!

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      I think if it happens, it’ll be shortened. I’ve heard, most major conferences at least, have already pushed their championship game back a week.


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        Buckeyefan80, assuming you are from Ohio, I can say that Republican Governor Dewine has done an excellent job in Ohio. Another Republican Governor, Massachusetts, also has done very well. And yes, the Democratic Governor of North Carolina has done a lousy job.


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          Yeah, I don’t see how you have football in any capacity. NBA will probably work because they will be isolated. I think the MLB season will start but probably not make it to the postseason, unless they move the teams in Fl, AZ and Tx to other stadiums, and that doesn’t seem very feasible. I guess the nfl still had time to try to find a bubble, but I don’t think they want to do that.