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Covid 19 Data - Weekly Review - 6-30-20 to 7-6-20

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  • Covid 19 Data - Weekly Review - 6-30-20 to 7-6-20

    The world got A LOT sicker this past week, with infections spiking everywhere, while the death rate remained steady overall. In the U.S. the Trump-Virus topped the 3 million infected mark, and while deaths declined, it still lags behind Brazil in survivability; and, despite hard charging S. Africa, and Bolsonaro taking a bean-ball for his Brazilian home team, Trump’s virus doggedly kept its commanding lead in the two worst categories. Florida and Texas have gone bonkers over new infections, accounting for 32.5% of total new infections in the U.S., while Arizona stills commands the field of death.

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    This is depressing.


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      I agree. And if things hold together in Orlando for the NBA, end of the month I'm junking this Covid-19 crap forever.

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    Trump keeps lying, saying everything is under control and the virus will shortly, magically disappear. WHAT AN IDIOT HE IS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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      Instead of making things better, this asshole president continues to make things worse. Make the Republican Senators, up for reelection, pay for not convicting him at the impeachment proceedings.


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        Florida sets a single day record for ANY state on Sunday, with over 15,000 new cases. unreal. Hell, at this point, when we go on our 3 week vaca in November, everyone in the state will be immune and we should be safe, lol.


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          Gary has a point. This virus is very infectious so over 50% of the pop is eventually going to get it. So it's better for everybody to get it at once and get it over with. The problem with that approach is there are alot of serious cases that require hospitalisation so hospitals can't handle them all so there's alot of suffering and death.

          its NOT as some are arguing very deadly. In Canada there have been about 100,000 cases reprted in a pop of 38million and but 8000 deaths. Now 6000 of those deaths were in homes for the aged where the avg life span is is but 5 months. Putting those aside, the death rate is 2% of cases reported There are many unreported cases where people had mild symptoms and haven't been tested as only sick people were tested.
          So the death rate is arguably much lower. Now we have better treatments so the death rate could slow..
          Overall the piecemeal response with no overall leadership has resulted in a clusterfuck. The WHO is a joke! The US CDC was not heard from at all. Only people ever addressingg the problem are politicians, who really dont know FA about infectious disease and whose motives are questionable. It's been more about PR than about the disease. The media is complicit as this is a great story with lots of legs.

          No doubt we are doing the same thing in response to the looming catastrophe of global warming resulting in severe and deadly Climate change. Yeah when's the last time you heard about that.

          Wanna not get an infection. Take daily doses of VitaminC . Abot 5-10grams Get lots of Sun or supplement with vitamin D so that your blood levels of vitD are greater than 50 ( think its ug/dl) in US units or 120 umol/liter in Canada. Will also prevent you from getting Cancer too!
          sorry dont know anything that helps stop picking losers.

          "A missed FG is a turnover " Michael Lombardi
          “The bigger the edge, the fewer the bets we need to verify our strategy.” Jim Makos


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            Antibodies are disappearing after only a few months and people have gotten it twice. Herd immunity is a myth. We will need a vaccine and 70 percent of the population will need to get it. It will probably be like the flu vaccine in that it will need to be taken once a year and it might not be a silver bullet cure.