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2020 NFL P.O.W. Week #1 (September 10-14 ) Post Plays Here

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    Originally posted by DaveTuley View Post
    Thanks for starting this, gcotton. I'm thinking this might take over at the main VFV Football Contest for 2020. I'm leaning toward not doing the weekly/season-long contests at due to everything that's going on plus the lower traffic we're seeing here. However, if everyone comes back and we get something like 100 entries in Week 1 of this contest and I'm confident that we'll have a good showing in the "VFV SuperContest mirror contest," then I might add that next we'll see how this goes.

    As for the rule change above, I was going to say (and mrvolo beat me to it) that I think for this contest we can allow someone to post a substitute pick if they post a P.O.W. earlier in the week and it gets canceled due to COVID-19 positive tests, hurricanes, etc. This contest has always been about giving your best bet of the week and since we allow picks until kickoff of the game you're using, I don't see why we shouldn't allow everyone to still give their best bet of the remaining schedule.

    Proposed rule change:
    18. Any selection made, and then for whatever reason, the game is officially postponed or canceled, a substitute P.O.W. may be posted at the then available lines. If no substitute play is made, the original play will be graded as 0 points.
    If you post it, They will Come


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      POW Week 1
      Washington Football Team +6 (Stations)

      I'll take an ugly dog in week 1. Redskins (sorry, still going to call them that until they get a new official nickname) were competitive in both games vs the Eagles last year. Eagles already beat up at WR and O-line. Redskins defensive front seven looks pretty studly on paper and I think gives the Eagles O-line issues here. The total is tied for the 2nd lowest of the week so getting 6 points in what could be a low scoring slugfest holds appeal. I also think having no fans benefits Washington since the Philly fans generally take over this stadium anyway. Bottom line, this looks like a boring, low scoring game, I will gladly take 6 points.


      • HeyRube!
        HeyRube! commented
        Editing a comment
        Maybe "Deadskins?"

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      NFL POW (0-0-0)

      Arizona +7.5 (CG Tech)

      Also like to fade the previous SB loser in beginning of season. Seems they all start slow, get it together, then barely make or miss playoffs. As noted by TARB et al above, Cards played SF close last year both games, but owned them before that, winning 8 straight. As a 'Hawk fan with a dubious defense, Cards scare me much more than 49ers. And a 2nd year of Koach Kliff and a HUGE new WR add can only help their O. Not sure how Air Quality is going to impact this game because it is Orange Skies to all of us on the West Coast. If Armageddon is around the corner, let me at least be undefeated in VFV POW.

      Would like to give a HUGE shout out to Cotton and his fellow Admins that run this contest. Watched the game tonight in a Covid-era fog and it did not seem like football season at all. But then I logged onto Dave's awesome VFV site and saw this contest and it all seemed right.

      Good Luck to All


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        Sitting at 24 entries so far on this Friday. Already have 2 entries that are on their way to the playoffs, lol. Congrats to both STRMCHASR1 & NINERUTEFAN for laying the heavy wood with KC last night and coming out with the "W".


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          Indy -7.5 Westgate
          The addition of Philip Rivers and a new kicker should be enough to propel Colts to division championship. Jacksonville has less talent than any NFL team. Gladly give points and chalk up a win.


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            DENVER +2.5 WESTGATE

            Week 1 is a mystery and I am going to fade the popular choice of the Titans with the Broncos at home. Last thing everyone remembers was Tenny's playoff run and how they played well "last" year. New year and this line is just begging for titan money in my opinion. Currently I see 74% of the action coming in on the road fav titans. Give me Denver who has a really good shot at winning this game.

            New to the contest but have been lurking for the past year and was in the other pick'em last year....Thanks for the contest! Good Luck to everyone!


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              Panthers +3 (Circa)

              Love this game as the Panthers have probably the most dynamic RB in the league right now in McCaffrey plus Bridgewater is a solid pro and did fill in nicely for Brees last year going 5 - 0. I beleive Teddy B had a 65+% completion rate while subbing. Raiders still searching for identity and Derek Carr is probably not the answer.


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                POW 0-0

                Jets +6.5 (Westgate)

                I feel this number is 3-3.5 points too high. I feel these teams are evenly matched with the Jets having the edge at QB. No fans takes away a pretty big home field advantage for Buffalo. Would not be surprised if the Jets win this game outright.


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                  Arizona +7.5 (coasts)
                  Cards improved in passing game which will also open up an already decent run game. Have played niners tough last couple of years. Talking points against division rival with super bowl hangover a plus.

                  Thanks for starting up contest.


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                    Panthers +3 (Circa)
                    Home dawgs at +3 and Raiders haven't impressed me. Traveling to the east coast and they don't have a defense that travels. As someone pointed out above, Bridgewater is solid and will manage the game well. I wanted to take Cardinals at +7.5, but I've been reading that game may be canceled due to fires.


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                      NFL POW (0-0-0)

                      Clowns aka Browns +9 (Coasts)

                      Lamar may have been MVP last year but the NFL proves year in and year out they can typically and consistently stop “running” QBs. The clowns won in Baltimore last year by a lot and the game in cle was closer than the score, even tho we all know that’s not what matters. I think Cleveland keeps this game within 9 and may even win outright.


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                        NFL POW (0-0-0)

                        Arizona +7.5 (Circa)

                        S.F. has had problems with the Cardinals even when S.F. was clearly the best team in the NFC last year. Let's not forget the "Super Bowl loser's hangover."

                        Arizona is 7-1-1 vs. the line last 9 on the road.


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                          Glad to be back and hope everyone has stayed Safe

                          NFL P.O.W. (0-0-0)
                          Arizona +7. Just about everywhere but I'll use (Westgate)

                          I should have posted earlier to get the extra hook but I believe that I won't need it here.

                          Even though the 49ers are bringing back 18 of 22 starters, the Cards have always played SF tough.
                          Dating back to at least 2014 the 49ers have only beat Arizona SU twice, and those two times were last year, and they didn't even cover, going ( 0-1-1 )

                          Meanwhile, the Cardinals have not just upgraded their receiving with the DeAndre Hopkins pickup, but they worked on the defense side as well.
                          Giving second-year quarterback Kyler Murray another big target.

                          Should be an interesting game, and I just think that this is a 3 or 4 point game either way.

                          Good Luck


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                            Titans -2.5 Treasure Island

                            Losing Von Miller is a huge blow. The Titans are the better team and with no real home field advantage this year more than happy to lay less than a FG.


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                              NFL POW (0-0-0)

                              Vikings -2.5 Westgate

                              Last years Pack record of 13-3 misleads. A declining QB, a weird draft and a tight division make them a team I want to be against.

                              On the other hand the Vikes have restocked nicely and on the carpet I take them to easily see of old man Rodgers

                              Someting like Packers 13 Vikings 24

                              Thanks for running this again, GLTA