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  • College-Pro Contests for VFV

    Will there be a college and pro (pick 5-7 games weekly) this year? I realize college may be iffy, but just asking. Thanks.
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    I'm surprised that Mr. Tuley did not respond to your post.
    Not like him not to give a yes or a no reply.
    College I could see no pool being run.
    Pro an attempt should have been made to set up something.
    There are many individuals (myself included) that could not get to LV to sign up for Westgate or Circa contest due to COVID restrictions.
    Maybe there is a post somewhere that I missed that said no 2020 contests will be run on VFV.
    If, so I apologize.


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      Dave answers this post in the 2020 NFL P.O.W. week 1 thread. I think he figured that most of the mirror contestant followers and past entrants also follow or enter into the P.O.W. contest. Quick answer seems to be no mirror contests this year, but P.O.W. contest has potentially two prizes: one for regular season points leader and one for the points leader after playoffs/super bowl. Still time to make a Play of the week for week 1 action. Best of luck!