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2020 NFL P.O.W. Week #2 (September 17-21 ) Post Plays Here

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    N.F.L P.O.W ( 0-1-0)

    Gmen plus 5 1/2 ( Westgate)

    Coming back with same team as last week.
    If Det had not lost two cornerbacks to injury I dont believe Mitch could have ever brought Chi back from 23-6-- I watched Trubisky and honestly believe he stinks.
    The G men got beat fair and square, however Pitts is no Det-- Add that to the away winner home vs loser trend plus the Cap t/o theory and
    Gmen plus my pick week two.


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      Miami +5.5. Westgate

      This is for Fitz! This could very well be his last game as a starter and he knows that. I believe his team will play hard all game to give Fitz all they have in tank. With the slew of middle linebacker injuries for Buffalo I think we might see a few mismatches Miami can take advantage of. Also this one is for Mama FitzpatrickšŸ™. Miami stunner


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        Originally posted by gcotton View Post
        Updated standings are posted up top.....we had 62 entries in Week 1. Very nice effort, but can always use more!
        Thanks, gcotton. Yes, good effort all things considered with minimal lead-up time, etc. Guessing we got some entries from people bummed out the other contests were dropped.

        And you can count on me to get in this week. I meant to make a play last week and might have used Bears, but I'm gonna tell myself that I wouldn't probably ended up using Browns so I don't feel so bad about giving half the field a head-start


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          POW 0-1

          Eagles+1 (Treasure Island)

          Will fade the 5 pt. line move from the opener. They get Sanders and Johnson back which is big for them. This line is a classic Week 1 overreaction to Eagles Loss and Rams beating Dallas in Primetime. Eagles get in done here in pretty much must win game as 0-2 teams in NFL rarely make playoffs.


          • florabamaboy
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            That is my other personal play, Sanders and Johnson return are a big deal here. Rams travel cross country, 10 am their time kickoff. Got Philly @ plus 1.5. Like your pick!

          • str8outtadurango
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            Thanks, good luck

          • florabamaboy
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            We got ahead of the reverse line movement here. I will take a 3 point move my way any day in the NFL. Good Luck Durango!

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          I know it was only week 1, but I need to apologize to 3 entries for marking them as a loss, when in fact they won. All 3 had Denver +3 on MNF, and for some reason, I was hungover, I marked them as a loss. So to Astroid M, Cdog and Durbify, I'm sorry about how your score looks in the standings. Please know that it has been fixed on my master file and will reflect as much in next week's standings.

          Best of luck to everyone in Week 2.


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            " for some reason I was hungover"
            I love that


            • Seahawk Rick
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              Still hammered after my Seachickens hammered his birds...Not sure how you get hungover off of Coors Lite though!

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            2020 (POW 0-1-0)

            Washington +7

            Washington was a surprise team for me last week. Upsetting the eagles. Now go on the road to a Cardinal team that is much better than people give them credit for. Washington is very young and while traveling I donā€™t think time change will bother the youngsters any have a decent combo with Haskins and maybe superstar in the making McLaurin. Thier defense flies around the field and creates turnovers. Now facing a 2nd year quarterback that might have just had his biggest win of his career to open the season. All points to a letdown in my opinion. Cardinals win but not by the 7 they are giving.


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              NFL POW 1-0

              Over 52.5 Dallas/Atlanta [William Hill]

              Atlanta was well Atlanta last week seemingly scoring at will and giving up even more. Dallas is lamenting some blown opportunities last week in LA. With all the skilled weapons from each team being on the Offensive side of the ball I see this one in the 60's. Ryan, Jones, Ridley, Gurley, Dak, Zeke, Cooper, Gallup, not to mention surprising Gage and Lamb. Just way too many playmakers on the field for both teams not to approach 30 points.

              GL to all


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                NFL POW 0-0

                Sea -4 (William HIll)

                Missed last week. Still waiting for Dave Tuley to send me my winning gift card from last year.
                What a strange season this is going to be without much of a 12th man to account for..... With that being said I look for Seattle to have a good game plan for dealing Cam Newton and I suspect that the pats will not be able to get away with Newton making less then 20 attempts at passing. Wilson is going to continue to roll and have a great game vs the pats who just played Miami... I have Seattle winning this one by at least a touchdown which is why i am ok giving the 4. Good luck peeps.


                • gcotton
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                  Lol, join the crowd. I still have a card coming as well from one of the contests last year. I'm starting to think all this talk about the USPS might just be right, lmfao!!

                • FreeJack
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                  Glad I am not alone,

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                NFL POW 0-01

                CLEV -6 MGM

                The Browns should have plenty of success on the ground all night and can get enough pressure on defense to force Burrow into costly mistakes.


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                  NFL POW (1-0-0)

                  Cleveland -6 (Westgate, MGM)

                  Really like this bounce back spot after getting crushed against arguable the best team in football in week 1. No sweeter medicine than a rookie QB with a bad o-line and a banged up defense coming to town. Think Chubb and Hunt have a lot of success tonight, and Baker and OBJ may even connect for a few long balls off play action. Daniels out will hurt the middle of Cincy D. Also giving a nod to over, even though it appears sharp money may be leaning under early in the week.


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                    NFL POW (1-0-0)

                    Minnesota Vikes +3 (all over) Westgate,etc.

                    Philip Rivers might be past his sell-by-date. Has had 25 turnovers the last 17 games. Vikings with Cousins pilled up nearly 500 yds. last week. Tuley the Tout likes them and you know how sharp he is !!!
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                      2020 NFL P.O.W. (0-0-1)

                      Las Vegas +6 1/2 (Westgate) I think the Raiders keep it close and may pull out the victory at Allegiant Stadium. Michael Thomas is out and Brees' arm does not look strong enough to challenge the Raiders questionable secondary. Plus, the Raiders do a good job of bottling up RBs in the passing game, as they did against McCaffrey last week. Kamara will get his on the ground, but not through the air. The Saints are stout against the run, but I think Jacob's does well and Carr has a good day passing. It should be an entertaining game either way.


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                        YTD 0-1

                        Philly +1 (BetMGM)

                        This seems like an overreaction. Philly was generally regarded as the slightly better team before the season, and this is a home game. LA played Sunday night and is now flying to the East Coast to play at 1 PM EDT.


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                          NFL P.O.W (1-0-0)

                          Green Bay -6 (MGM)

                          Lions are down some DBs this week, so Rodgers should be able to have another big day. I am also banking on the poor coaching on the Lions side.
                          I would normally pick the contrarion side since the Lions lost a big lead last week and the Pack won big. I just don't think Detroit can hang with the pack,
                          at least inside of 6. Rodgers appears to be on a mission.
                          "Do what is right . . . and suffer the consequences" Sam Houston