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2020 NFL P.O.W. Week #2 (September 17-21 ) Post Plays Here

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    2020 NFL P.O.W. (1-0-0)


    NYG played what will be one of the better defenses in the NFL this year (PITT) last week and ran into a wall for the most part. One long drive inside the five got picked or the game would have have been close. G-MEN won't face that kind of defense this week to go against vs. Da Bears. They were gashed by DET rushing, and Barkley should be able to run well this week. Danny Dimes will have a softer D to go against also giving him more time to work as Barkley will open up some routes as they need to respect the run. CHI lucky to get W vs DET as they drop a ball in the end zone that would have beaten CHI. NYG hangs within 3.


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      NFL POW (0-0-1)

      Dallas -4 Westgate

      Very simple logic for this game, I feel the line move from -7.5 to -4 is an over correction from week 1. Dallas lost to an underrated Rams team and is now getting bet against as a result. They are still the better team and playing at home. Atlanta plays better at home and even then showed very little against Seattle last week. I think Dallas cruises by the full TD that was the original line. GLTA


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        2020 NFL P.O.W. (0-1-0)

        JJJJJets not flying and grounded like most of us.

        09/20 1:00 PM
        269 San Francisco
        270 N.Y. Jets
        42u-10 @ STATIONS


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          JETS +7
          (WESTGATE) OVER SAN FRAN ---
          Hold my nose and play this one. In the NFL, I have learned the worst "looking" plays are some of the best plays. I can see SF winning but it might be closer than must expect. Nothing really scientific on this pick except fading the herd. 80% of bets on SF to "bounce back" and avoid 0-2. I see a slow paced game by NYJ to keep the score manageable in the end. SF by 4.


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            POW. 0-1
            NY Giants +5.5 Westgate
            Since 2013, NY Giants after a SU Loss and ATS loss, when playing on grass the next week are 11-0 ATS.


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              P.O.W. 0 - 1 - 0
              Panthers Circa +8.5

              Brady, Schmady....Panthers should be able to rely on at lest McCaffrey to keep this close. Bridgewater was good enough to put points on the board so despite losing on them last week, I look for the cover this week.


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                POW 0-1
                Green Bay -6.5 (DK)
                The time has come for Lions Coach Patricia Mike to call it a career as a head coach, shave his beard, pack his bags and return to New England with his tale told. Packers have far too much O fire power and a better-than-average D for division’s weakest link.


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                  P.O.W. 0-0
                  Panthers +9 (Stations)
                  This line is too high between these two teams. Bucs obviously overrated coming into this season. Teddy Bridgewater played well in his Carolina debut and has enough weapons (especially RB Christian McCaffrey) to match Brady score for score.


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                    POW 1-0
                    Green Bay -6.5 (DK)

                    Poor Detroit- they let Mitch Trubisky throw for 3TD`s in the 4th quarter last week and then their new prized rookie drops the game winning TD. So close to winning, Now they Get Aaron Rodgers on the road. Good Luck!!!! Top Reciever Golliday is still out and all GB does is win regular season games especially against their division. Even though Detroit has played GB tough the last couple of years, I think GB is aware of that and will not be caught off guard. Detroit is banged up and weak defensively and will have no way to stop the Best QB in the NFC....Pack roll to 2-0............


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                      Seattle -4 William Hill. Don’t trust Cam Newton. NE travels cross country. Russell Wilson tons the better QB


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                        0-1 record
                        Bal- 7 circa sports

                        Going with the team that brought me wins last year. They came out and crushed a CLE team that looked a lot better on Thu night. Houston seems to always be overhyped. Watt was a beast, but he is not the same player and this defense has been average over the last few years and let a rookie running back hang almost 150 yards on them.

                        I look for BAL to have this under control by the half and keep running the ball.


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                          Phila Eagles Halftime Pick Wm. Hill

                          Pederson read them the riot act after last week. They will come out fired up and ready to go. (For a half at least)
                          Wentz will come out and play fired up also. (For half at least.) Unless he gets hurt.
                          Rams will take while to get started as still on PST. (For a half at least.)

                          As for the second half who knows. Not me.


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                            Saints -5 1/2 Westgate
                            Brees looked sharp in opener and disappoints Vegas fans in first ever regular season home game for sin city. Carr won’t be able to keep up in scoring track meet.


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                              Packers -6 South Point
                              The Pack always wins this game. Rodgers experience vs. Stafford’s erratic play doesn’t bode well.


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                                POW 1-0

                                Carolina +9 @Wynn and Stations........Carolina with the running game and Teddy at QB should be able to trade points with Brady and keep this within the number and if needed the backdoor should be open
                                and McCaffrey needs the ball more in first half this week