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2020 NFL P.O.W. Week #3 (September 24-28 ) Post Plays Here

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    Just saw I did not post which book with my pick

    LA Chargers -6.5 ( Bet MGM,)


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      NO - 3 South Point
      I feel Kamara will have a big day against GB and Brees will be throwing more long balls which he hasn't been doing so far this season to get the win.


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        POW record 0-2

        Minnesota +3 (WH)

        this line is an overreaction to first two weeks. Minnesota is just as good as Tennessee, IMO.


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          2-0 Ytd
          NYG +3.5. Westgate

          San Francisco is injured. Everywhere! This is a rest game for SF. Shan Shan will come up with game plan but don’t think He has personal with injuries to keep up. NYG on the other hand, has moved the ball well against two good defense. Think they score 28 on a hobbled SF. 28-17 Giants.


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            ten -2.5 circa
            I had Min pegged as a good team on paper, but they have regressed since last year. Cousins has started out horribly and they are a mess on offense and now have corner issues due to injury and the defense doesn’t look good. Ten is playing well and hasn’t even gotten the best from Henry yet. Don’t see this being a game they can’t cover.


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              NE -6 (William Hill)

              As someone else cited already, NE is 40-15 ATS in its last 55 after a loss.


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                NFL P.O.W. (1-1-0)

                Detroit at Arizona over 551/2 Westgate

                Detroit's woes will continue on the road Sunday in Arizona. The Lions have one of the worst defenses in the NFL and are allowing an average of 34.5 points per game through the first two games of the season.
                Look for a tight, back-and-forth game with a lot of points.


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                  NFL POW (0-2)

                  Tennessee -2.5

                  Rolling with Titans for the 3rd week in a row. They can't possibly burn me again. The Vikings are absolute garbage. I think this is going to be a blowout.


                  • 510sportsnut
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                    Line was from Southpoint

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                  POW (1-1)
                  New England -6 (TI)
                  Raiders travel east for early game after big MNF win.
                  See an early season let down spot here.
                  Belichick and his new toy Cam should be able to light it up and win easy going away.



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                    2020 NFL P.O.W. (0-2-0)

                    Atlanta/Chicago Over 46.5 -110 (Circa)

                    Even if Julio is out or hobbled, Atlanta has a lot of weapons, and their defense is weak. I just hope Bears can contribute enough to take this over.


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                      P.O.W ( 1-1-0)
                      Falcons -3 over Bears Circa
                      Matt Ryan will chuck the rock all over the joint and the Defense will redeem the loss from last weeks debacle . Thus saving the sinking Falcon ship and Dan Quinn’s job for another week . Dirty Bird


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                        NFL YTD 0-2

                        HOUSTON + 4 MGM

                        The Steelers are unbeaten, but hardly a great team. They aren’t in the class of Kansas City or Baltimore, who combined to beat the Texans 67-36, with the Chiefs scoring 34 points and the Ravens 33.

                        Pittsburgh has wins over two of the worst teams in the league in the Giants and Broncos, who are last and next-to-last in scoring.

                        If the Texans and Steelers swapped schedules, the teams probably would swap records. Do not forget, the Texans lost to the two best teams in the NFL by most measures..

                        PS..BOTH ME AND VOLO NEED TO GET OFF THE SCHNIDE..!
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                          2020 NFL P.O.W. (2-0-0)

                          Seattle -5 (Circa)
                          Let Russ Cook! The Seahawks have been playing so much better this year when they put the game into Russ hands. The Cowboys couldn't stop a nosebleed last week and I would expect more of the same this week against a talented Seahawks O. Dallas Offense may be able to make it a game, but I still expect SEA to win by at least a TD.


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                            2019 NFL P.O.W. (2-0-0)

                            Buffalo Bills (betMGM)

                            In my mind the Rams will not have much success on the ground versus a stout Bills defensive front which mean Jared Goff will need to throw the football. Feels like the Rams are a great team playing with the lead and running the ball staying ahead of the chains. This back to back east coast trip may have them coming out a bit flat and playing from behind. Coupled with the perception the Rams are legit again and the Bills are over rated has my guy saying Buffalo not only wins this game but dominates in the trenches. Close game on the scoreboard but Buffalo maks a physical statement.


                            • gcotton
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                              You forgot to post your line, but according to the line history at BetMGM, at 11:53am this morning, Buffalo was laying 1.5.

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                            2020 NFL P.O.W. (2-0-0)

                            Washington +7 Circa

                            Browns really laying 7 points to an actual NFL team? I think washington's front 7 will make life difficult on baker in this game and force him to make some bad decisions.
                            But also... Who is laying 7 with the browns?!


                            • Zjabroni
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                              Jeez. 4 turnovers from Washington leading to 24 points for the Browns. Bummer. Guess that's why it was at 7